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UFC Quick Quote: Yushin Okami is not Chael Sonnen

"I was expecting that Chael will be able to take Silva down, but never thought he will overwhelm by using his mixed technique of boxing and wrestling. That looked really effective and it is great reference, but I'm not Chael so I should use my own skill and technique which will be able to use my physical [attributes] effectively."

Yushin Okami challenges Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title this Saturday night at UFC 134: "Rio" in a rematch more than five years in the making. The Japanese fighter has trained alongside former title challenger Chael Sonnen for nearly two years now, ever since Sonnen defeated him at UFC 104. While it's certainly been a career benefit to train alongside a fighter of Sonnen's caliber, especially considering that he was two minutes away from dethroning "The Spider" last year, "Thunder" wants everyone to know that he's not simply going to be Sonnen 2.0 when he steps into the Octagon against Silva. But would he be better off if he actually tried to be? Sonnen's strategy to stop Silva was (almost) brilliant. 

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