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UFC Quick Quote: Antonio Nogueira trainer says he's healthy and ready for Brendan Schaub in Brazil

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"We did a different work, since he was coming from a surgery, so Rodrigo couldn't risk getting injured between his healing process and the day he's fighting in. It'd be a big problem for him. We've set a goal and we've starting getting him ready and doing much strengthen work along with his physiotherapist so that he would prevent any injury. Our goal was to improve his performance safely and put him in condition to train his techniques and the specific trainings for the fight. I've always worked with circuits, that's how we call it. It's a very dynamic work, which makes you batter faster and even more efficiently, which was exactly what he needed. It gets more intense because of the sequence of exercises we do, and not for the load. The goal wasn't making him stronger. Gradually, he could handle heavier loads for a larger period of time, bringing power and not only strength. Intensity trainings when done for a long period is the perfect way to reach our goal."

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's stay in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has not been an easy one. After a fantastic run in the Japanese PRIDE organization, Nogueira first signed a contract to enter the Octagon in 2007. Since his initial signing, he has gone 3-2 and has fought five times in approximately five years. He has had trouble staying healthy, notably suffering from two staph infections, as well as serious knee problems that required him to have multiple operations last year (2010). Add to that the fact that he's had hip problems his entire career and his trainers had their work cut out for them. Did they do enough to prepare him properly for the rapidly rising prospect that is Brendan Schaub? Or is it too little, too late for the old heavyweight legend?

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