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Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami odds for UFC 134 fight on Aug. 27

Does Yushin Okami honestly stand a chance at dethroning Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva on Aug. 27, 2011, in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in the main event of UFC 134?

The oddsmakers certainly don't think he does, inserting "The Spider" as the huge favorite at -460.

That's probably because the veritable king of Brazil has defeated all 13 of his Octagon opponents via every form of finish you can imagine. He's shucked and jived, blitzed and battered, and wrapped and wrangled his way through every foe ensnared in his web.

The last man that walked to the cage to fight him and walked away without a loss was none other than the man that will be standing across the cage from him this Saturday.

But that hasn't instilled any confidence in the oddsmakers who have Okami as the heavy underdog at +365.

That's probably because the first contest was embroiled in controversy. Silva, who was more or less having his way with Okami up until this point, found himself on the mat with his foe on top of him threatening with superior positioning.

So "The Spider" unleashed one of his gangly legs with a "thunderous" bitch-slap via his right foot to the Japanese judo players face.

Okami was powerless to stop the strike and crumpled backwards in a heap of flesh. The controversy comes from the fact that, on top of Silva claiming he didn't know he couldn't deliver such a devastating assault, Okami was given the choice to continue or take the disqualification victory.

He chose the latter.

Finally, though, after more than five and a half years, the two will tango once again to determine who exactly is the better man.

Anderson Silva (-460) vs. Yushin Okami (+365) at UFC 134. Who ya' got and why?

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