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Lyoto Machida doesn't regret asking for 'Anderson Silva money' to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 133

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Now that everything worked out wonderfully regarding the UFC 133 fight card and all the turmoil surrounding the main event has passed, all's well that ends well, right?

Kind of.

Rashad Evans was matched up against Phil Davis for the Aug. 6 pay-per-view event. However, that fight was scrapped just three weeks short of showtime due to an injury to the latter, which forced the UFC to scramble to find an opponent.

When Tito Ortiz initially declined, matchmaker Joe Silva and President Dana White picked up the phone and dialed Brazil, hoping to set up a rematch between "Suga" and Lyoto Machida.

Except "The Dragon" balked and demanded "Anderson Silva" money or he wouldn't play ball. This caused an irate White to explain he hasn't accomplished enough in the sport to be making such demands. Eventually, Ortiz got back in the picture and eventually accepted the bout, one he would go on to lose by technical knockout.

And Machida? He's been rumored for a match-up against Phil Davis but he still doesn't have a fight booked. Oh and he's not sorry for playing things the way he did.

"I ask forgiveness for the misunderstanding, but not for what I've done, because I was not wrong," Machida told Terra Esportes (translation via Bloody Elbow). "I never accepted the fight. I was coming back from injury and I had only been training for two weeks. In fact this training routine was only to keep in shape, and not for fighting. To patch a pothole, the price is different. It's my career on the line. As I've said, I was coming back from injury and was only training for a small amount of time. I only asked for the type of money that would guarantee me tranquility for a certain time, because if I were to lose it would put me on the back of the line of candidates for the title. Aside from also being potentially injured, Rashad is not just ‘any' type of fighter."

For what it's worth, White has stated he's okay with Machida and the ultimate decision he made, he was just disappointed in how his management team handled the situation.

But are fight fans giving the Brazilian a pass too? One thing in his favor is the fact that there wasn't exactly a large contingent of folks lining up to see a rematch between Machida and Evans.

Then again, they weren't exactly hot under the collar for a rematch against Ortiz, either.

Still, are you ready to forgive Machida for this misunderstanding? Or will you view him through a darker lens now that he's proclaimed his lack of regret for asking for Anderson Silva money?

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