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Cesar Gracie: Georges St. Pierre will try to fight Nick Diaz the way he fought BJ Penn

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To the death, Georges.

Former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz is tasked with fighting one of the best wrestlers in all of mixed martial arts when he challenges Georges St. Pierre for the 170-pound title at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas.

His head trainer, Cesar Gracie, is tasked with preparing him for such a contest, undoubtedly the biggest test in the Stockton slugger's mixed martial arts career.

It won't be easy. The French Canadian hasn't even found himself in trouble in a fight in a number of years and has defeated some of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport, former champions like Matt Hughes and B.J. Penn.

Speaking of "The Prodigy," Gracie believes St. Pierre will approach his fight  against Diaz with the same strategy he did for Penn. Here's how he explained it to Full Contact Fighter:

"I think he's going to approach this fight somewhat like the BJ Penn fight. I think he'll try to fight Nick the same way where he'll tie up with him, try to keep him up against the cage, do a little dirty boxing and try to get him arm weary, maybe get some takedowns and see how that goes. He'll probably be cautious from the top position but try to inflict damage depending on how it's going. Georges is a great athlete and a pretty smart fighter. His athleticism often lets him dictate where the fight's going to go, and if he's comfortable where he can take the finish, without taking too many risks, he will."

St. Pierre's strategy against Penn ultimately proved to be an effective one, as he handed out one of the worst beatings the Hawaiian had ever been subjected to in his considerable fighting career.

But will that same game plan work against Diaz?

Considering the fact that Diaz is sharing a training camp with champion boxer Andre Ward, it might not be the worst idea to get him "arm weary" as Gracie put it.

However, St. Pierre's takedowns and superior wrestling are his bread and butter. Will he abandon that approach for a clinch heavy battle to slowly wear down his foe?

Anyone think Diaz will find the answer for "GSP" this coming Halloween weekend? Or will it be the same old song and dance, just a different partner?

Sound off, Maniacs.

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