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Dana White: ESPN has always hated us and they hate us even more now that we're on FOX

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If you thought the UFC recently entering into a partnership with FOX would make company President Dana White a little more PC, you would be wrong.

The outspoken Octagon overseer is just as profane as ever and he's still not holding back his feelings on whoever draws his ire at any particular moment.

This time it's ESPN. A fan alerted him on his Twitter that the Top 10 plays of the night featured a knockout from boxing but noted that it hardly ever features anything UFC related. Is this true? Not necessarily, but that didn't stop White from unleashing his venom.

"ESPN always hated us and now they hate us more now that we are on FOX. They canceled my (interview) next week for UFC Rio. F*ck ESPN. ... Jim Rome is the only good thing about ESPN."

Sounds like an awfully strong reaction over a cancelled interview and perceived lack of coverage. Perhaps there is more to the story that we don't know? After all, ESPN airs "MMA Live" each week, which features stories revolving mostly around the UFC.

This is even more odd when one considers how much coverage ESPN dedicates to sports that routinely air on FOX networks, such as football, both college and pro, baseball and auto racing. And if White wanted more coverage for the UFC, wouldn't it be a bad idea to make disparaging remarks about "Worldwide Leader in Sports?"

Then again, the UFC has done incredible things with little help from major networks in the past. Now that they have FOX behind them the sky is the limit, with or without ESPN.

Still, does anyone think White is making a mistake saying such things? Or is this typical Dana and everything is simply business as usual?

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