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Bellator 48 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Curran vs Sandro' TONIGHT (Aug. 20) in Uncasville

Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (August 20, 2011) to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, live on MTV2 for its forty-eighth event. The main card airs live on the basic cable network, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 48 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll delivere up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action much earlier in the evening.

Bellator 48 will be the grand finale of the promotion's "Summer Series" eight-man featherweight tournament. Former Bellator lightweight title challenger Pat Curran will battle top five ranked featherweight Marlon Sandro for the tournament title as well as a number one contender position.

Current Bellator heavyweight champion, Cole Konrad, will return after a 10 month layoff to challenge UFC veteran Paul Buentello in a special non-title feature fight.

Also on the card will be a battle between former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez and "The Silverback" Seth Petruzelli.

Complete Bellator 48 results and play-by-play are after the jump:

Main Card

145 lbs.: Pat Curran def. Marlon Sandro via knockout (head kick and punches) at 4:00 in round two
265 lbs.: Cole Konrad def. Paul Buentello via unanimous decision
230 lbs.: Seth Petruzelli def. Ricco Rodriguez via TKO at 4:21 in round one
155 lbs.: Renê Nazare def. Juan Barrantes via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 in round two

Local Feature Fights

145 lbs.: Saul Almeida def. Tateki Matsuda via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Ryan Quinn def. Brett Oteri via submission (rear-naked choke) in round one
155 lbs.: Andrew Calandrelli def. Matt Nice via submission (keylock) in round one
205 lbs.: Nik Fekete def. Mark Griffin via TKO in round two
205 lbs.: Jeff Nader def. Dan Cramer via TKO in round three

Hemmi here calling the action.

145 lbs.: Pat Curran vs. Marlon Sandro

Round one: Curran opens aggressively with push kicks and an overhand right and Sandro dives forward. Curran responds nicely with a swift left hook. Curran throws another push kick but Sandro catches it and throws it to the side. Sandro throws a perfectly timed right hand as Curran considers a knee. Push kick lands on the cup but Sandro doesn't want a break. Curran really throwins some feints and Sandro lands a nice left hook followed but an uppercut. Leg kick lands for Sandro but he eats a left jab. Sandro lands another solid right leg kick but eats a combination and a body kick. Spinning back kick from Sandro is avoided and Sandro presses forward aggressively. Curran really looking to create space with the push kick but he's not very effective with it yet. Both men trade leg kicks and Curran can't pull the trigger on a flying knee. Sandro's shot is stuffed at the end of the round. Close round but I've got it scored 10-9 Sandro

Round two: Curran throws a nice leg kick and both men exchange punches early. Another leg kick connects for Curran. Sandro eats a big overhand right but doesn't seem fazed. Sandro whiffs with a huge right hand but connects with an uppercut. Sandro turns up the pressure here but Curran can't capitalize. Curran lands a knee and both men clinch as Curran presses Sandro into the cage. They reset and Sandro presses forward with big winging hooks. Curran's got a cut on his left eye. Nice body kick from Curran and Sandro responds with more forward aggression, pushing Curran back. Curran throws a HUGE head kick that CRUSHES Marlon Sandro in the face as he ducks forward into it. Sandro goes down and Curran swarms him with ground and pound and the fight is over! Pat Curran is the featherweight tournament champion!!!!!

Final Result: Pat Curran defeats Marlon Sandro via knockout at 4:00 of round two


265 lbs.: Cole Konrad vs. Paul Buentello

Round one: Konrad snaps off a nice jab early and he's really looking to land the left jab to keep Buentello at bay. Nice leg kick from Konrad and he's mixing it up well as Buentello seems very concerned about the takedown and hasn't really thrown anything significant yet. Buentello still hasn't thrown anything, finally connecting with a counter when Konrad comes in with a jab. Crowd not enjoying thus far as all we've really seen are some jabs. Buentello initiates and both men exchange before backing off. Konrad pushes forward with jabs and a big leg kick, then throws another leg kick and a big looping uppercut. Buentello looks awful and the round ends with the crowd booing. 10-9 Konrad

Round two: Konrad pushing the pace again in the stand-up but Buentello finally looks less tentative. Leg kick from Konrad and Buentello is on his bicycle. Buentello eats a left jab and he's too slow with his counters, eating an inside leg kick. Konrad pushes forward with a body kick and clinches but Buentello escapes. Konrad throws an inside leg kick and connects with a pawing jab. Another leg kick lands for Konrad. Nice right hand from Konrad and both men trade bombs along the fence which draws some cheers from the crowd. 10-9 Konrad

Round three: Buentello opens with some nice left hands that sneak through and eats a leg kick. Buentello counters a push kick with a right hand as well. Buentello charges in and lands some right hands but eats a big strikes from Konrad and he goes down. Konrad immediately takes Buentello's back and tries to sink in a rear naked choke but he doesn't have hooks and can't sink it in. Buentello gets rolled over and Konrad drops big punches from his half guard. Konrad drops left hands to the body from above. Two minutes left in the fight and the only way Buentello is getting to his feet is if the ref stands them up. Konrad is throwing right hands and the ref stands them up. Buentello needs a miracle. Konrad looks tired. Both men trade big strikes and Buentello lands a huge uppercut on the way in with 10 seconds left but can't hurt Konrad. 10-9 Konrad

Final Result: Cole Konrad defeats Paul Buentello via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


230 lbs.: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Seth Petruzelli

Round one: Petruzelli takes the center of the cage and blocks a head kick early. Nice leg kick for Petruzelli early and Rodriguez shoots in ugly, gets stuffed easy. Rodriguez doesn't look to be in great shape. Huge nut shot by Petruzelli on a spinning heel kick and Rodriguez goes down. They reset after a minute and Rodriguez falls to his back during a big punch from Petruzelli, wrapping up the TUF veteran but Petruzelli escapes and throws a nice head kick that connects on Rodriguez's head. Nice leg kick from Petruzelli and he charges in throwing a nice right hand that lands flush. Rodriguez connects with a knee in the clinch and eats a huge leg kick. Rodriguez pushes Petruzelli into the fence looking for a takedown but can't put him down. Petruzelli connects with nice right hands on the frustrated Rodriguez. Spinning back kick from Petruzelli lands and then he follows it up with a HUGE right hand that drops Rodriguez. Rodriguez goes down hard and eats follow-up hammer fists as the ref steps in and stops the fight. Huge performance by Petruzelli there. Dan Mirglia

Final Result: Seth Petruzelli def. Ricco Rodriguez via TKO at 4:21 of round one


155 lbs.: Juan Barrantes vs. Renê Nazare

Round one: Nazare swarms Barrantes early but eats a nice left hook from Barrantes. Nazare swarms Barrantes and both men trade huge combinations along the cage and Barrantes is hurt. Barrantes clinches to recover and both men go back to trading strikes. Big right hand from Nazare and he follows it up with a left head kick. Nazare is hunting Barrantes down really going for the kill here with wild looping strikes. Nazare scores a big takedown at the midway point of the round and beats on him from full guard. Barrantes is really bloodied up. Barrantes throws up a triangle but it's immediately shrugged off by Nazare. Nazare responds with a big guillotine choke attempt but he can't squeeze it tight enough to close the round. 10-8 Nazare

Round two: Big strikes early from Nazare and Barrantes responds like a wounded animal that's been backed into a corner. Barrantes could still be dangerous if Nazare lowers his defenses while looking for the kill. Nazare has slowed down a bit and he dives forward with a huge takedown to put Barrantes on his back. Big elbows from Nazare as he's in Barrantes' half guard. Nazare pins an arm but can't do anything with it. Nazare drops some nice right hands. He continues to pour on the ground and pound but Barrantes sweeps him and escapes to his feet which earns a cheer from the crowd. Nazare throws some nasty uppercuts and takes the fight back to the ground. Barrantes is busted up again as the round ends. 10-9 Nazare

The fight is stopped before the third round can begin as Barrantes has some nasty cuts in his right eye that won't allow him to see. 

Final Result: Rene Nazare defeats Joe Barrantes via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round two


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