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Michael Bisping reacts to 'Mayhem' Miller getting arrested: 'That's gay'

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When news broke just yesterday that Jason Miller had been arrested for simple assault and false imprisonment, you just knew there would be no shortage of folks jumping at the chance to call him out on it.

Especially his rival coach on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14, Michael Bisping.

Sure enough, "The Count" took to his personal Twitter account to react to the news and in typical fashion, went straight to his wisecracking ways. His words:

"So miller gets nicked for getting his sister in a headlock, but she escapes. 2 things, thats gay and I guess I don't worry about guillotines."


"Mayhem" was arrested back on Aug. 6 but the story was somehow kept under wraps until just yesterday. He has since declined to comment on the situation, but it is not expected to affect his upcoming bout against Bisping at the TUF 14 Finale on Dec. 3 in Las Vegas. 

Anyone looking forward to this next season even more now? Or were Bisping's remarks insensitive and he should be held accountable for them just as much as Miller for his actions against his sister?

Opinions, please.

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