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Stark contrasts in UFC 134: 'Silva vs Okami' video promos in Brazil and America

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The function of a video trailer or a "promo" is to get fans excited for an upcoming event. This much seems obvious.

However, it's always fascinating to see the way in which organizations choose to go about doing so. The UFC, for example, is making its long awaited return to Brazil, where it all started, on Aug. 27, 2011.

The promotion is bringing a stacked event to Rio de Janiero, with the likes of Anderson Silva defending his middleweight title against Yushin Okami, a rematch no one was asking for but everyone wanted between Forrest Griffin and Mauricio Rua and, of course, the return of legendary heavyweight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira against Brendan Schaub.

A card like that seems rather easy to sell, no?

Where it gets interesting is there have been two promo videos released for the event, one shown predominantly in Brazil and one that was recently released and will be making the rounds in America.

It's not that they are different that makes them so intriguing -- it's how different they actually are. Let's take a look at both after the jump.

As you can clearly see in this video, the Brazil promo, it's very soft-spoken and understated, showing no fight footage whatsoever and allowing each participant to speak in his own language and subtitling when necessary.

Essentially, you're allowed to draw your own conclusions and infer meaning from an untold story that best suits you and your particular tastes.

It was quickly analyzed to death due to the nature of its removal from the norm of what we typically get from UFC produced trailers.

Now that the American promo has been released, you can see exactly what that means:

On top of being an overwhelming brutal assault on your senses, this trailer leaves no room for interpretation. You are explicitly delivered the message you are intended to receive.

"Watch this, because it's going to be insane."

There's certainly nothing wrong with that and it's worked for a long enough time that one cannot blame the marketing department for continuing to operate that which is not broken.

But it sure was nice to get the opposite, at least in this instance.

Personally, I prefer trailer number one. What about you, Maniacs? And either way, are you pumped for "Silva vs. Okami" part deux down in South America?

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