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Could Conan the Barbarian make it as a UFC fighter?

Could this man make it as a UFC fighter?
Could this man make it as a UFC fighter?

Jason Mamoa will be kicking some celluloid ass this weekend as the star of Conan the Barbarian, the Hollywood remake of the 1982 action picture of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He's got the look and he's certainly got the build, but does he have the skills to make it as a UFC fighter? Here's what the Hawaiian actor told

"Oh, no. Those guys, they're amazing. I act it. I'm not really tough. I'm definitely not to that level at all. [The UFC event I attended] was the [expletive] coolest thing I've ever seen."

Any fight fans plan on checking out the new Conan flick this weekend? Or is this just a tired retread of a classic Ah-nuld film that should have been left alone?

Take a look at the trailer (after the jump) and decide for yourself.

Well Maniacs, whaddaya think?

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