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UFC Quick Quote: FOX would love to have Gus Johnson cover MMA

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"We'll do pre-fight, post fight, with probably more FOX talent. We have a lot of guys here between Jay (Glazer), Gus Johnson now is a huge fight fan and does a lot of MMA. Gus's schedule permitting and having conversations with him as to when he would be available, I think we'd love to have both of those guys on."

FOX Sports Media Group President Eric Shanks tells MMA Heat that famed Strikeforce announcer Gus Johnson, who joined the network earlier this year after leaving CBS, could become an on-air personality for the UFC on FOX. Johnson drew the ire of mixed martial arts fans when he called the Seth Petruzelli knockout of Kimbo Slice "the biggest upset" in the history of the sport, as well as when he told a nationwide audience on CBS that "these things happen in MMA" when a rare (and ugly) melee erupted between the Diaz brothers and Jason "Mayhem" Miller on live television. Are UFC fans willing to forgive and forget? Or do you want him to steer clear of your beloved sport?

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