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UFC on Fox: Will Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan remain the broadcast team?

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With the news finally making its way to airwaves of the deal for the UFC to bring its brand of sports to the FOX network, beginning with a live event on Nov. 12, 2011, questions abound.

And while many of them were answered at the press conference held today to announce the historic deal, one all important question still remained -- would the traditional broadcast team of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan call the events on FOX and FX?

And the answer, according to company co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, is a resounding yes.

However, now that the promotion is expanding more and more, the responsibilities of each of its employee is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. That means it's finally time to bring in some outside talent to help assist in duties.

Here's how Fertitta explained it to MMA Weekly:

"Obviously, Goldie and Rogan are going to be the main broadcast team for our big fights, pay-per-views, fights on Fox, fights on FX. Some additional programming, you know, were going to probably have to bring in some new talent because it's just not physically possible for these guys to do that number of events and still have a life. So, yeah, we're going to be adding new talent, whether it be on live fights, whether it'd be on magazine shows, whether it be on pre-shows, post-shows. And you're really going to see, for the first time."

"Goldie" and Rogan sticking around to call the FOX broadcasts is actually one of the few things that will remain the same after this historic new deal.

The UFC will break away from its usual broadcast format by doing away with the Gladiator intro and introducing new graphics and show openings, not just for the FOX broadcasts but for the pay-per-view and Fight Night broadcasts, as well.

On top of that, The Ultimate Fighter will be completely revamped to give it a fresh new look and feel that will hopefully revitalize the once popular reality show.

Big changes are coming to the UFC, Maniacs. But the broadcast team cageside is not one of them. Feelings on that?

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