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UFC Quick Quote: At least 85-percent of fighters are 'definitely using PEDs'

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"I would definitely say somewhere in the percentage of 85 percent of guys are definitely using, especially the guys who can afford it are definitely using. I would even go as high as 95 to 96 percent of the top level athletes that are definitely using it. You can clearly see it. I even had someone talk to me about stem cell injections. You're looking at stuff like EPO, and at least five or six different counterfeit drugs out there that people are using and they're not even detectable in the body. It's just amazing to me how far athletes are willing to go to make their mark in this sport."

-- UFC light heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski comes forward (via MMAFighting) with a startling number for how many fighters in MMA are currently abusing performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) -- 85-percent. And if you're talking about guys at the top level of the sport, he would go so far as to say that almost all of them are using. That means he's essentially accusing the Georges St. Pierres, Anderson Silvas and Jon Jones' of the fight world. His rationale is simple: if you can make yourself bigger, stronger, faster and more explosive while fully understanding a deeper education of the subject means you're likely to never get caught, why wouldn't you do it? Every bit counts in the fight game and most of the UFC roster isn't afforded the kind of leeway of "Outlaw's" like Dan Hardy. Are you surprised at the high number Soszynski is suggesting? Or did you already feel like this was the case? 

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