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Jared Shaw: Dana White made a mistake by cutting Kimbo Slice ... and made me smart

Sorry Dana, but you blew it.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had a chance to make a star out of Kevin Ferguson, known by his "street certified" name of "Kimbo Slice," but opted to release him after getting stopped by Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 in May 2010.

True, he was knocked out by Zuffa castaway Seth Petruzelli on network television and failed to make the grade on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10, but that's because he was worried about leg kicks and takedowns and couldn't focus on boxing, his bread-and-butter.

That's according to former Elite XC Executive Vice President, who "once again" was made smart by the mistakes of Dana White:

"For the last three years? That's just a mirage," Shaw told Fight Hub TV. "You think just 'cause he wasn't winning in MMA or knocking people out he wasn't born and bred for this sport you're crazy. If you really know both sports you know that in mixed martial arts you have a much more squared up stance, there's takedowns, there's kicks...he's got a lot of things to look for. Now he's just looking at two hands. Kimbo Slice is here to make a statement, and as he just told me, he's got a plan. He ain't here to be a sideshow. He's here to knock people out, take names and build properly towards...hopefully, a heavyweight championship run ... Thank you, Dana White. You made a huge mistake and you, once again, made Jared Shaw smart."

Slice, 37, made his successful boxing debut last weekend by knocking out James Wade in 10 seconds. Video of that fight here.

Does Kimbo's win make $kala right and Dana wrong?

Do you even care?

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