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Nate Marquardt on BJ Penn: 'Cry Baby J' is a pothead and an idiot to speak the way he does

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Shit just got real. Or even realer than it was before.

We all know how B.J. Penn feels about steroids and anyone using anything that can be construed as a performance enhancing drug. That's why he went after Nate Marquardt just as soon as news leaked that the "Great" had been popped for elevated levels of testosterone and subsequently revealed a history of usage.

Hawaii's son went on a Twitter crusade and called for the removal of "PED cancer" from MMA shortly after word leaked that Marquardt had been busted.  And while he didn't specifically name him, it was clear just exactly who he was talking about. 

The two have since engaged in various public spats, such as their recent back and forth on Twitter. That seemed as though it could be the end of this particular feud, seeing as Marquardt has moved on to fight for BAMMA across the pond while "The Prodigy" has a date with Carlos Condit.

But in a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Marquardt essentially calls Penn a hypocrite for attacking him because, apparently, B.J. is in love with "mary jane."

"I was planning on stopping by his gym but we went to Kauai (a different island). "Cry Baby J" is an idiot to speak the way he does. I don't know how a pothead is going to go and be so judgemental over medication prescribed by a doctor. I'll assume CryBJ has glaucoma and gets his weed from a "doctor" and I won't pass judgement on him for that."

Marquardt isn't the only fighter that failed a drug test to suffer the wrath of a scathing Penn. Sean Sherk was also the target of former champ's tirades. And, no different than Nate, Sherk attempted to turn the tide by calling attention to Penn being a pothead.

Where there's smoke, there's fire?

It's unfortunate that Marquardt has been cut from the UFC, as there is no place better to settle a score than inside the Octagon in front of thousands of screaming fans.

And Marquardt had just moved down to welterweight, while Penn made the jump up to it. Oh, what could have been and will likely never be.

Anyone think Marquardt's allegations of Penn being a pothead hold any water? Or is he just rocking the boat because he's still upset at the feisty Hawaiian kicking him while he was down?

Opinions, please.

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