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UFC on Versus 5 results: Ben Henderson batters, dominates top contender Jim Miller for three rounds


Something had to give when Jim Miller and Ben Henderson met in the UFC on Versus 5 co main event, which took place from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Miller was looking to solidify his number one contender status, while Henderson was out to usurp it.

Midway through the first round, Miller hopped on Henderson like a monkey, squeezing his neck with a triangle choke while "Smooth" was standing. Henderson shook it off and dumped Miller to the canvas, but didn't do much with the position as Miller was able to quickly make it to his feet.

Later in the round, Miller went for a kimura, which Henderson slipped, and then a guillotine that Henderson once again escaped. Despite all his hard work, Henderson ended up on top of Miller at the end of round one, pounding him with shots until it ended.

Henderson came out guns blazing to start the second, busting open Miller and then taking him down hard with a body lock. Miller defended well off his back, angling for submissions, but Henderson continued to nail him with skin-splitting punches.

Miller was able to worm his way out and lock in a tight knee bar, but Henderson rolled out of it and continued his ground and pound onslaught. Miller, at this point, is bleeding like a stuck pig. As he attempted submissions, Henderson battered him with body blows. 

As the third round started, it was clear that Miller needed to perform well because he was behind on the scorecards. He was able to drop Henderson, but it didn't seem to have much effect ... at all. Henderson quickly recouped, mushed him into the fence and began his brutal beatdown.

Miller escaped a dangerous rear naked choke, but Henderson's "HellBows" were just to much to withstand. Miller must have eaten about 50 of them, and they were vicious. It's amazing that he actually did not succumb. In fact, he miraculously made it to his feet with seconds on the clock and closed out the fight, chasing Henderson with wild punches to try and register a Hail Mary finish.

It didn't happen. And Henderson went onto earn a very convincing unanimous decision over one of the very best, and toughest, 155-pound fighters in the UFC today. Great fight and an even greater performance from Henderson.


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