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Alistair Overeem would be 'aroused' by an immediate UFC heayweight title shot

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The situation surrounding Alistair Overeem may not have been intended to be a clever marketing campaign but it sure has ended up that way.

"The Reem" is a hot heavyweight commodity right now, with plenty of interesting match-ups awaiting him in both Strikeforce and UFC. The problem, of course, is that a deal between the Dutchman and Zuffa, owner and operators of both promotions, is up in the air.

We've heard from UFC President Dana White, who made it clear to the Golden Glory camp that he's no fan of the way they do business by cutting their entire roster from his two organizations.

And we've also heard from Bas Boon, manager of the "GG" camp, who claims he's more than ready to make a deal to get Overeem back in action stateside with one of the two big promotions. This was news well received by White, who seems to be right back on board.

Now, we get to hear from the man of the hour himself. "Demolition Man" makes it clear that he's willing to sign an exclusive deal with the UFC but he would need to be compensated accordingly. That's because giving up his K-1 title and what not will be a "big deal."

And what he really wants is an immediate UFC heavyweight title shot because that's what would get him "aroused." Hear it all, and much more, straight from the horse's mouth after the jump.

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