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UFC 136: Kenny Florian deserves a title shot against Jose Aldo because of what he's done in his career

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Or so that's what "Ken Flo" seems to think.

When World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) merged with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) at the beginning of the year, it brought with it a ton of talented featherweight fight mongers.

The problem then, which is still a problem now, is visibility. The casual fan has trouble recognizing Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, let alone the little guys like 145-pound king Jose Aldo.

That's where Kenny Florian comes in.

First "Scarface" was placed on the biggest event in UFC history in a successful title defense against Mark Hominick. He was exposed to a wide audience in a high profile fight. Marketing done right, folks.

Now he'll take on one of the biggest names of the lighter weight classes. But the bout was booked after Florian won just one fight at featherweight. So why does he deserve the shot over a guy like Chad Mendes, who is undefeated?

As Kenny explains to MMA Weekly, what he's done throughout his career is more than enough to make him deserving of his latest title shot.

"When you're talking about putting a fight together and who deserves a shot at the belt, I think it comes down to what you've done throughout your career, as well. Although I've only had one fight at 145 (pounds), I did fight one of the top 145ers in the world. And while you can say, ‘well, Chad Mendes and some of the other guys have done more at 145 than Kenny Florian,' at the same time, they haven't fought the big names that I have. They haven't fought in title fights. They haven't had the name. Because I've been fighting in the UFC, I have a bigger name and at the end the day, really, it's about putting on the most marketable fight."

Career accomplishments apparently outweigh recent performances.

But when one looks at Florian's career, it's marked with high profile failures. He was blown out of the water at the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 1 Finale by Diego Sanchez, finishing second in the inaugural edition of the show.

After winning his next few fights he was given a lightweight title shot (after just one win at 155-pounds) and was again beaten and bloodied, losing a five-round decision to Sean Sherk.

"Ken Flo" would go on to rip off six impressive wins in a row, including five finishes and a first round submission over Joe Stevenson in his number one contender bout.

But once again, when it came time to hit a home run, Florian struck out swinging. He was manhandled and soundly defeated by "The Prodigy," B.J. Penn. Just a couple fights later, he lost a number one lightweight contender fight against Gray Maynard, which precipitated his move to featherweight.

Does that sound like the resume of a man who deserves a shot at another belt in a different weight class?

Not necessarily but the hard truth of the fight game remains marketable fights and at the moment, Kenny Florian vs. Jose Aldo will sell a hell of a lot better than Chad Mendes vs. Jose Aldo.


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