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MMA Fight Pit results and LIVE fight coverage tonight (Aug. 13) for 'Alexander vs Al-Hassan'

Photo via <a href="">MMA Fight Pit</a>
Photo via MMA Fight Pit

MMA Fight Pit debuts tonight (August 13, 2011) with it's inaugural show "Genesis" from the legendary "Pit" in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The six-fight main card will air live on pay-per-view at 9 p.m. ET tonight.

The main event will be headlined by a pair of UFC veteran. Fan favorite Houston Alexander looks to continue his current run of big wins against submission specialist and Rufousport fighter Razak Al-Hassan in an interesting stylistic match-up.

Former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver will square off against WEC veteran Coty Wheeler as he continues to attempt to turn his career around. Pulver's lack of submission defense will certainly be tested by Wheeler's aggressive Brazilian jiu-jitsu stylings.

Lastly, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) bad boys Junie Browning and Jamie Yager will look to cash in on some of their fame in lightweight and middleweight match-ups Jacob Clark against upstart prospect Willie Parks respectively.


Main card (PPV)

205 lbs.: Houston Alexander def. Razak Al-Hassan via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 Round 2
135 lbs.: Jens Pulver def. Coty Wheeler via TKO at 1:59 Round 2
265 lbs.: Tyler East def. Prince McLean via TKO at 1:33 Round 1

185 lbs.: Jamie Yager def. Willie Parks via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:21 Round 2
105 lbs.: Diana Rael def. Angelica Chavez via split decision
155 lbs.: Jacob Clark def. Junie Browning via submission (strikes) at 4:18 Round 1


170 lbs.: Ali Hanjani def. Sean Spencer via submission (triangle choke) at 1:41 Round 1
145 lbs.: Jason Sampson def. Josh Montoya via submission (armbar) at 2:38 Round 1
145 lbs.: Conrad Padilla def. Guy Youell via unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Rocky Ramirez def. Mark Lujan via TKO at 2:38 Round 1

205 lbs.: Houston Alexander vs. Razak Al-Hassan

Round one: Alexander quickly takes the center of the cage and goes to work with a couple jabs. Low kick from Al-Hassan and Alexander responds with one of his own. Alexander looking to work the jab but having some trouble getting inside Al-Hassan's reach. Alexander really leaving himself exposed with that low lead jab to the body. Crowd getting a little restless and Al-Hassan throws a front kick that grazes Alexander in the face which finally makes him respond with a big hook that connects. Alexander explodes and drops Al-Hassan with a stiff jab and follows him to the ground but Al-Hassan recovers and they're back to standing as he backs off. Alexander back to working weak leg kicks and jabs and he connects with a stiff left jab, stepping off to the side. They finish the round tentatively. 10-9 Alexander

Round two: Both men tentative again early and Alexander dives with a huge hook but whiffs. Alexander back to working the jab and leg kicks while Al-Hassan isn't really sure what he's doing. Accidental eye poke from Al-Hassan temporarily halts the action and Alexander gets back to work with his jabs and low kicks. Alexander starts mixing in big overhand rights but can't connect solidly. No one is landing anything significant, this round is really bad. Alexander throws a right hand and clinches along the cage near the end of the round and drops Al-Hassan with a right hand with 10 seconds left. Would have been a 10-10 but it goes 10-9 Alexander with the late drop.

Round three: There is no round three, Al-Hassan complains to the ref about a dislocated finger and they stop the fight in between rounds.

Fight Result: Houston Alexander defeats Razak Al-Hassan via TKO (dislocated finger) at 5:00 of round two


135 lbs.: Coty Wheeler vs. Jens Pulver

Round one: Both men stand early, big feeling out process. Pulver throws a nice left hand that connects.Wheeler begins pushing forward aggressively, throwing wide looping hooks that miss. Nice body kick from Pulver and both men trade low kicks. Wheeler wades in and they both exchange punches briefly. Pulver lands a nice hook that appears to stagger Wheeler but he recovers. Pulver lands a big left hand that drops Wheeler and he drops to the ground looking to finish but he backs off when Wheeler recovers. Wheeler gets back to his feet but he's on wobbly legs and Wheeler accidentally pokes Pulver in the eye. Wheeler throws a huge spinning back fist but Pulver ducks under. Pulver really looking to land his big left hand as the round ends. 10-9 Pulver

Round two: Pulver looks confident early, stalking Wheeler and throws a nice counter to the body. Wheeler trying to be fancy with spinning attacks and push kicks but Pulver is countering him and stalking. Pulver lands a big left hand that drops Wheeler and he raises his hands thinking it's over. The ref jukes him by half jumping in and Pulver rushes in for the kills, chasing Wheeler down and landing big punches. He drops Wheeler again and looks to the ref who refuses to stop it. Pulver jumps in with one punch on the ground and the ref finally stops it.

Fight Result: Jens Pulver defeats Coty Wheeler via TKO at 1:59 of round two


265 lbs.: Tyler East vs. Prince McLean

Round one: East takes the center of the cage and eats a kick from McLean. East clinches and pushes McLean into the fence. McLean attempts a head trip takedown but East ends up on top in half guard. East postures up and drops a big right elbow. East works some ground and pound from top position, throwing big left elbows from half guard. The elbows continue to rain down and McLean turns away from the pain as the ref steps in and puts a halt to the action.

Fight Result: Tyler East defeats Prince McLean via technical knockout at 1:33 of round one



185 lbs.: Jamie Yager vs. Willie Parks

Round one: They touch gloves and Yager opens with a left hand and eats a bomb to the face. Parker stuns Yager but he jumps in the air with a kick to the face. Parks pushes Yager into the fence working for a takedown as Yager defends. Parks lifts him into the air and slams Yager down, passing to half guard and dropping a big elbow. Yager retains closed guard. Parks postures up and drops some big ground and pound and Yager is wilting a bit. He doesn't like that at all and Parks passes to side control, threatening with the north-south. Yager works back to half guard from bottom and Parks throws some left hands from on top. Parks postures up and punches to pass Yager's guard again but the second he stops punching, Yager goes back to half. Parks searching for an arm triangle but can't escape half guard to tighten it as the round ends. 10-9 Parks

Round two: Willie Parks shoots in deep right away and Jamie Yager latches on a guillotine choke, falling to his back in full guard. It's really tight and Parks taps out! Wow, that was a shocker.

Fight Result: Jamie Yager defeats Willie Parks via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:21 of round two


105 lbs.: Angelica Chavez vs. Diana Rael

Round one: Chaves opens with a high quick and catches a kick from Rael, taking her down but Rael lands on top in the scramble. Rael is in side control quickly and Chavez tries to throw up an inverted triangle. Chavez pins Rael's arm with her legs but lets it go as Rael stays on top. Rael rolls over on top in half guard, stacking Chavez up and she drops down for a heel hook as both ladies scramble. Rael eventually takes top position again, on top in half guard and dropping some light ground and pound. Rael attempts a pass to mount but can't do it, instead dropping some short elbows. Rael postures up to drop some ground and pound and Chavez attempts a leg lock again but can't get it as Rael remains on top. Rael drops hammer fists from top position as the round concludes. 10-9 Rael

Round two: Rael opens with a Muay Thai clinch and throws Chavez to the canvas, landing on top in mount facing the wrong way against the fence. She turns towards Chavez and drops some elbows but Chavez turns into her. Rael attempts a guillotine choke but Chavez is in side control so she doesn't have the leverage. She's just gassing her arms out right now and Chavez drops some short elbows to the abdomen from side control. Chavez throws some knees to the side as well. Rael twists out and both ladies scramble but Chavez passes to full mount. Rael bucks and Chavez latches on a Kimura which allows Rael to get on top in side control. Rael rides out the round on top with ground and pound from side control and Chavez didn't try to do anything to escape the position. 10-9 Rael but that was a closer round.

Round three: Both ladies stand early and Chavez lands a body kick. Big knee to the body from Rael and she follows it up with a right hand to the face. Chavez throws a high kick that is partially blocked but she's showing a lack of urgency. She's probably down two rounds, she needs to be more aggressive. Nice push kick from Chavez but she backs off and the ref warns them for inactivity. Rael pushes forward with a knee and eats an elbow over the top from Chavez. They exchange in the center and Chavez starts stalking Rael but she's running out of time. Rael comes in with an overhand left and Chavez ducks it, taking her down hard and landing on top in half guard. One minute left and Chavez needs a finish, she's got to do something but she doesn't and the ref stands them up. 30 seconds left and Chavez backs off. No killer instinct at all. She's bouncing around and Rael lands a big hook to the face. Chavez closes the fight with a takedown but just didn't do enough. 10-9 Chavez

Fight Result: Diana Rael defeats Angelica Chavez via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


155 lbs.: Junie Browning vs. Jacob Clark

Round one: Browning opens aggressively looking to land a right hand. The announcers make fun of him about missing weight so badly. Browning drops down for a takedown and lands on top and he's looking to pass Clark's guard. Clark works for an arm bar but doesn't have the positioning. Browning is now upside down with a body triangle on Clark and he transitions to Clark's back. Browning appears to be working for a twister because of his work with Eddie Bravo recently but Clark escapes. Clark briefly attempts a heel hook but Browning slips out and the ref stands them up. Browning takes his time getting back to his feet. Browning shoots for a takedown but is stuffed and Clark stays on top, throwing ground and pound from above. Clark passes and starts dropping big ground and pound. Clark starts throwing nasty knees to the body from side control as Browning turtles. He takes Browning's back and starts raining down punches and Browning taps from strikes.

Fight Result: Jacob Clark defeats Junie Browning via submission (strikes) at 4:18 of round one


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