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Strikeforce Challengers 18 results and LIVE fight coverage tonight (Aug. 12) for 'Gurgel vs Duarte'


Strikeforce returns with Challengers 18: "Gurgel vs Duarte" tonight (August 12, 2011) from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The five main card bouts will air live on the premium cable channel Showtime, beginning at 11 p.m. ET.

Headlining the card is fan favorite and UFC veteran Jorge Gurgel who will looking to halt the four fight win streak of Joe Duarte, Gurgel is trying to work his way back to being relevant in the division while Duarte is ready for a second attempt at his big break after failing in his short notice replacement bid in the Bellator season two lightweight tournament.

Also competing will be the always tough and talented Danilo Villefort, who's looking for another shot at the big time. Standing in his way will be American Kickboxing Academy's Nate James.

Rounding out the main card are a pair of very strong grapplers in the resurgent (and still just 28 years old) veteran Pat Healy, who's coming off one of the best performances of his career while headlining Strikeforce Challengers 14.  Olympic bronze medalist judo practitioner Ronda Rousey, who's one of female MMA's most talented young prospects, will also be on display.


Main Card

155 lbs.: Joe Duarte defeats Jorge Gurgel via Unanimous Decision
185 lbs.: Nate James defeats Danillo Villefort via Unanimous Decision
155 lbs.: Pat Healy defeats Eric Wisely via Unanimous Decision
145 lbs.: Ronda Rousey defeats Sarah D'Alelio via Submission (Armbar) Round 1
205 lbs.: Derrick Mehmen defeats Roy Jones via Unanimous Decision

Preliminary Card

205 lbs.: Gian Villante defeats Keith Berry via Unanimous Decision
170 lbs.: Nah-Shon Burrell defeats Lukasz Les via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
170 lbs.: Mike Bronzoulis defeats Chad Leonhardt via TKO (Strikes) Round 3
155 lbs.: Milton Vieira defeats Sterling Ford via Submission (Brabo) Round 1

155 lbs.: Jorge Gurgel vs. Joe Duarte

Round one: Jab from Gurgel. Good flurry from Gurgel. Good left hook from Gurgel. Leg kick from Duarte. Both men trade hard rights. Leg kick from Duarte. Double jab from Duarte. Good combo from Gurgel followed by a leg kick. Another leg kick from Gurgel lands hard. Good left hook from Gurgel. Gurgel lands again with a combo. Inside leg kick from Gurgel. Jab from Duarte. Leg kick from Gurgel. Good right from Duarte and counter right from Gurgel. Body shot from Duarte. Gurgel dives in for a double leg take down and Duarte sprawls out and now their tied up against the cage. They break. High kick from Gurgel missed. Good right from Gurgel. Good right from Duarte. Jab from Duarte. Now Duarte gets the take down on Gurgel!!! Gurgel landing elbows off his back and that is the round. Id still give the round towards Gurgel. 10-9 Gurgel.

Round two: Inside leg kick from Gurgel and a good combo also. Jab from Duarte. Inside leg kick from Gurgel. High kick from Gurgel just misses. Good counter left from Gurgel. Leg kick from Gurgel and right from Duarte. Good left hook from  Duarte. Good uppercut from Duarte. Good right from Duarte lands hard. Both men trade good punches. Jab from Duarte. Gurgel shoots and misses. Jab from Gurgel. High kick from Gurgel blocked. Now Gurgel shoots again for a double and Duarte stuffs it. Left from Duarte. Inside leg kick from Gurgel. Jab from Duarte. Leg kick from Gurgel. Good overhand right from Duarte hurts Gurgel. Gurgel a little wobbly now and a jab and left hook from Duarte. Hard uppercut from Duarte. Left hook from Gurgel and he stuffs a take down attempt from Duarte. Now their tied up against the cage and they break. That is the bell and this round was all Duarte. 10-9 Duarte.

Round three: Leg kick and right from Gurgel. Jab from Duarte. Clinch from Duarte but he lets it go and now their tied up against the cage and they break. Right from Duarte. Another right from Duarte. Hard left hook from Gurgel. Head kick from Gurgel lands and then he lands a one two combo to follow. Gurgel now dives in for a take down and gets the trip but Duarte falls right into full mount! Gurgel gives up his back and gets into butterfly guard. Elbows from Gurgel on the bottom. Good elbows from the bottom from Gurgel. Duarte needs to do something here. More elbows on the bottom from Gurgel. Good body shots from Duarte. Gurgel with more elbows from the bottom. Duarte lets him up. Right from Duarte. Leg kick from Gurgel. Good right from Gurgel. Right from Duarte and a counter right then left hook combo from Gurgel. Duarte gets a huge double leg take down and is now on top. Gurgel with more elbows from the bottom. That is the bell, and id give that round to Gurgel but I have a feeling Duarte might get it from the judges for being on top. 10-9 Gurgel.

Final Result: Joe Duarte defeats Jorge Gurgel via Unanimous Decision


185 lbs.: Danillo Villefort vs. Nate James

Round one: Left hook from Villefort. Jab from James leg kick from Villefort. Good one two from Villefort. Leg kick from Villefort. Right from James. Left from Villefort. Leg kick from Villefort. Leg kick from James. Leg kick from Villefort. Counter right from James. Left hook from Villefort, and counter right from James. Good right from Villefort. Jab from Villefort. Head kick from James lands. Left from James. Right from Villefort. Villefort now with the clinch and lands a knee then pushes James against the fence. Both men trading knees to the body. Villefort gets the take down with a judo throw and is on top now in side control. Now Villefort right into the full mount. James gives up his back and Villefort gets in the hooks. Villefort going for the rear naked choke. James survives the round. 10-9 Villefort.

Round two: Leg kick from James and then a high kick. Good right from Villefort. Good leg kick from James. Jab fro both men. Good one two from James. Spinning backfist from Villefort misses. Good right from Villefort. Another good right from Villefort and James with a good counter right. Leg kick from Villefort. Jab from James. Villefort ties up and gets a take down slam. Villefort right into side control now. Elbow from Villefort. Villefort in half gaurd now and he is working for the arm triangle choke. Side control again for Villefort. Now a scramble and James gives his back and Villefort slips off. Now James has the back of Villefort and Villefort rolls out but James is on top in full guard now. Villefort with a high guard going for a arm bar. Full guard for Villefort. James with good strikes. Good elbows from James. Villefort looking for an arm bar, but James finishes the round with elbows and punches. That round goes to James. 10-9 James.

Round three: Double jab from James. Good right from James. James going for a take down but Villefort defends nicely. Jab from James. Both men trade combos and a good uppercut from James. High kick from James and knee to the body from Villefort. Jab from James. Leg kick from James. Villefort dives in and gets the double leg take down. James almost gets a nice reversal but now Villefort has an arm in guillotine and is going for the finish. James slips out and is now on top in full guard. Good punches and elbows from James. Good body shots from James. Nice punches from James he is keeping busy. James with good elbows and punches Villefort looks worn down. The ref stands them up. Right from James. Villefort with a knee and a good back elbow that lands hard. James gets another take down and is back on top in full guard. James trying to keep busy. Elbow from James. James finishing the fight with a flurry of punches. Close fight but James should take it. 10-9 James.

Final Result: Nate James defeats Danillo Villefort via Unanimous Decision


155 lbs.: Pat Healy vs. Eric Wisely

Round one: Healy looks in amazing shape and starts off charging forward. Front kick from Wisely and Healy uses it to grab a single and is now looking for the take down. Healy gets the sweep for the take down and now Healy is posturing up looking for some strikes. Wisely is using a high guard looking for the arm bar and he has it locked in now!!! Healy spins his way out of it and now Healy back on top and throwing some hard punches. Wisely with an amazing roll over and now back to their feet. Wisely circling. Left hook from Healy. Jab from Wisely. Leg kick from Wisely. Jab and left hook from Healy. Both guys throw wild punches and Healy gets another take down. Wisely is really good off his back defending and is making Healy earn his keep on the ground. Wisely with strikes on the bottom including a good elbow. Wisely now going for a heel hook., but he is not trying to lock it in. Now Wisely has it locked in but Healy powers his way out. Healy still posturing up and trying to land a big shot. Wisely active off the bottom. Wisely back to his feet. That is the bell and tough tough round to score. Healy was on top but Wisely was the more active and effective fighter. 10-9 Wisely.

Round two: Right from Wisely. Left from Healy. Right from Healy. Wisely moving well while circling. Wisely lands a left and Healy lands one of his own. Wisely pushes Healy against the cage now. Healy has the back of Wisely and Wisely rolls over and almost gets a heel hook. Healy now on top again. Full guard for Wisely. Healy now posturing up again looking to strike and he is landing some hammer fists. Healy trying to pass guard but nothing doing there. Healy now gets into half guard. Healy now passes to side control. Wisely trying to cause a stand up. Knees to the body from Healy. Body shots from Healy now. The size difference is getting to Wisely. Now Wisely almost locks in an armbar. Healy now landing some punches at the bell. Another close round, but this one goes to Healy. 10-9 Healy.

Round three: Both men trade jabs and hooks. Healy pushes Wisely against the cage now using his size. Healy with short knees. Healy dropping to the hips looking for the take down and Wisely turns the tables and reverses positions. Healy though gets the take down and is back on top throwing some punches. Healy now lands some punches and elbows. Good right from Healy along with some body shots. Wisely with full guard. Elbow from the bottom from Wisely. Healy staying busy with good punches. Nice elbows from Wisely on the bottom. Healy just keeping busy with punches and body shots. Healy not doing much damage but he is staying active. Good left from Healy. That is the bell, and once again Healy will probably win a very tough fight to score. 10-9 Healy.

Final Result: Pat Healy defeats Eric Wisely via Unanimous Decision


145 lbs.: Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah D'Alelio

Round one: Double jab from Rousey and ties things up right away. Rousey jumps over and gets the arm bar and the ref stops the fight. This is odd I did not see a tap out and apparently something is going on here. Showing the replay there was no tap all there was was Rousey calling for the ref to stop the fight and apparently Mazzagati stopped the fight sight on seen without an actual tap out. Its been almost 3 minutes and still no official word on what has happened. Now it seems as though the fight is over and Rousey is the winner. That was a terrible officiating job by Mazzagati. He blew that call big time.

Round two:

Round three:

Final Result: Ronda Rousey defeats Sarah D'Alelio via Submission (Armbar) Round 1


205 lbs.: Roy Jones vs. Derrick Mehmen

Round one: Right from Jones. One two from Jones. Wild left hook from Mehmen. Mehmen ties things up against the cage. HUGE flying knee from Jones on the break!!! Mehmen falls to the mat and Jones jumps on the back and now Jones lands another knee as he switches to the front and two more hard knees to the body from Jones. Hard jab from Jones now and Mehmen claims he got a low blow but I didnt see it. Good one two from Jones and now Mehmen grabs a hold of a leg and gets the take down and is in side control. Full guard for Jones now and Mehmen basically just trying to hold him down on the ground im sure he is still recovering from those vicious knees he ate early in the round. Jones trying to walk the cage. Mehmen not really doing much of anything and now he passes into half guard. That is the round and it will be tough to score, Jones dominated and although Mehmen was on top he did nothing while there but with the judges you never know. 10-9 Jones.

Round two: Jones going for a spinning kick and Mehmen just grabs his legs and gets the take down with ease. Mehmen though is bleeding terribly from his eye as he caught a knee during the take down attempt. Herb Dean stops the fight but this doesnt look good for Mehmen. Good doctor in the house he will let it go on which is surprising because it is a bad bad cut. Mehmen back on top in half guard now and Jones will try to walk the wall again. Mehmen cannot take any more strikes on this eye and he should try to finish this fight asap. Nice punch from Jones on the bottom. Mehmen trying to strike but he is not landing anything at all. Body shot from Mehmen. Kind of a stalemate on the ground Jones cannot get up and Mehmen is not providing any meaningful offense. Mehmen still bleeding profusely. Mehmen finally landing a series of good right hooks. Jones doing NOTHING on the bottom. Mehmen now landing good elbows and punches. Body shot from Mehmen and some more rights to end the round. Mehmen wins that round but his cut is bad. 10-9 Mehmen.

Round three: Mehmen has a gash above his left eye and it is bad im shocked they havent stopped the fight yet. Mehmen dives right in for the take down and gets it easily. Jones could very well loose this fight without taking an ounce of damage. Jones trying hard to get to his feet but he is lacking the skills on the ground. Mehmen just going with the blanket offense and not doing anything and Jones is squirming around on the bottom and the ref finally stands them up. Hard jab from Jones right away and now Mehmen going for a single and nothing there. Jab from Jones. Mehmen shoots and is stuffed again by Jones. Mehmen holding onto an ankle and is working hard for the take down and he gets it and now Mehmen is back on top in half guard. Jones trying to scramble his way to his feet but Mehmen is just lay and prey right now and not much Jones can do about it. Now Jones gives up his back and then turns back around and now Mehmen has the full mount. Mehmen with body shots and punches to finish the round and I think he just won this fight. 10-9 Mehmen.

Final Result: Derrick Mehmen defeats Roy Jones via Unanimous Decision


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