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UFC Quick Quote: Donald Cerrone won't like to trade punches with Charles Oliveira

Photo by <a href="" target="new">Esther Lin</a>
Photo by Esther Lin

"I'll tell you something: I'm not sure, but I'll guess he won't like to trade punches with me, I believe he'll try to take me down. But if he wants to strike, he can come because I'm 100-percent ready to go, I've trained much Muay Thai with Diego Sebastiao and I'm really focused on my striking, so you can be sure it'll be great striking in there, man... I won't guarantee you I'll knock him out or submit him, but I guess it'll be a great fight. He's coming from a win, and I'm coming from a No Contest and that octagon will be heated up, you can bet I'll make it the (Fight of the Night), and if it's not, it'll be the best (knockout) or submission of the night."

-- 21-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Charles Oliveira wants it to be clear (via Tatame) that he's not just a submission deity; he's also a lethal Muay Thai striker who is so prepared for Donald Cerrone at UFC on Versus 5 this Sunday night (Aug. 14) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he believes the bout will earn one of the three big "Of the Night" honors. Whether that be fight, knockout or submission is apparently up to "Cowboy" and whether or not he comes in wanting to throw hands with "Do Bronx" or mix it up on the ground. Oliveira thinks the fight is headed to the floor but is ready and raring to go either way. Which would you prefer, Maniacs? A stand and bang "Knockout of the Night?" A savvy and slick "Submission of the Night?" Or a knock down, drag it out war that results in "Fight of the Night?" And who comes away with their hand raised?

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