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UFC Quick Quote: Brock Lesnar is not stupid


"I'm not stupid - without the WWE, the WWE made me a household name and increased my value tenfold before I even pursued the UFC. Could I be where I am today without the WWE? Probably not. Could I be drawing the same numbers that I'm drawing? Probably not. I brought a lot of fans over, a lot of crossover fans that I brought, just from the general public and WWE fans, I believe."

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar talks to The Wrestling Press (via Cageside Seats) about his success and drawing power as an "Ultimate Fighter," which he attributes to his tenure as one of the top draws in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) earlier in his career. Lesnar, who is currently sidelined with chronic diverticulitis, is expected to resume his Octagon duties at some point in 2012. Can he continue to bring in boku box office bucks? Or were his low ratings on the previous season of "The Ultimate Fighter" an indication of his slow but steady decline as the promotion's top draw? When all is said and done, was he a better pro wrestler or a better fighter?

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