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UFC Quick Quote: Rory MacDonald will gladly fight Jon Fitch but really wants Carlos Condit rematch

Photo via <a href="" target="new">UFC</a>
Photo via UFC

"I'll fight anyone. A lot of people don't want to fight Jon Fitch, but I'll gladly fight him (or) anybody. I'd really like to rematch Carlos Condit, though. [I'd take that fight] 100-percent. I feel like I can beat anyone, that's my confidence. But I know I'm a young guy, I know I have to stay grounded and improve. There's still so much to learn, I'm still very young, I still have so much time to evolve."

-- Fighting Jon Fitch isn't high on the list of most UFC welterweights but you can bet your bottom dollar surging prospect Rory MacDonald isn't one of them. That's because the former "Waterboy" tells ESPN he would "gladly" fight the perennial top contender, which is good because the Fitchster is on the cusp of receiving clearance to resume full contract training, meaning he's on the prowl for a throwdown. Would that match-up make sense after MacDonald's impressive win over Mike Pyle at UFC 133 this past Aug. 6? Maybe, but "Ares" also has his sights set on another top 170-pound fighter -- Carlos Condit. That's the same Condit who was on his way to a loss courtesy of the young Canadian before old MacDonald's gas tank fell out and got him pounded out with just seconds remaining in the contest. That's left a sour taste in the Tristar product's mouth, but he'll have to wait a while to do something about it. "The Natural Born Killer" is booked to get busy with B.J. Penn on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas at UFC 137. If he wants Condit, he'll need to stay fresh while he's waiting for him, which means that fight against Fitch could very well come to fruition. Any Maniacs want to see it? Or is that too big of a leap up in competition for the budding prospect? Opinions, please.

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