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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Dana White is not a God who decides everyone's career

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No one would blame you if you felt it did just that, though, when former king of Japan, Wanderlei Silva, ran face first into a barrage of Chris Leben uppercuts that ended his night in just 27 seconds at UFC 132 this past Saturday in Las Vegas.

The loss marked the sixth time in eight fights "The Axe Murderer" has come up short, four of which have ended by way of brutal, turn the lights off, knockout.

In fact, Silva has spent so much time on Queer Street these past five years he practically makes his home there.

This is a cold, hard fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by promotion President Dana White, who all but put the bow on the Brazilian's legendary career when he said he thinks it's time for Wandy to hang 'em up.

As it turns out, there's at least one former Pride great that didn't appreciate the bossman's comments and made his feelings known to R7 Esportes (translation via Bloody Elbow):

"I think he was unfortunate with his comments. They're idols of the sport, (Dana's) not a God who decides on everyone's career. I loved the fact that Tito Ortiz won his last fight. You see that these people were not champions for nothing. Ortiz, Wanderlei and Fedor were top fighters for a reason. But Dana White can't decide that, he'll have to eat his words regarding Tito (laughs)."

Who knew Nogueira was such a boat-rocker?

If you can't imagine a scenario in which White will be okay with these comments it's likely because there probably isn't one. Sure, Dana knows he's not a God but rubbing the Ortiz win in his face?

That means war.

Or maybe it doesn't and the boss will take these words at face value. After all, "Minotauro" is in the midst of a career spiral himself. The proud former heavyweight champion used to possess a chin made of granite and it took an entire decade of fighting for his finally getting stopped via strikes.

That technical knockout loss came at the hands of Frank Mir, not exactly a noted knockout artist. Just one fight later, "Big Nog" was put to sleep courtesy of a right hand from hell delivered by Cain Velasquez, who, deserved or not, has long been saddled with a reputation for having pillow fists.

Simply put, if Silva makes his home on Queer Street, Nogueira has been looking into property there as well.

Two fading former Pride kings banding together to take on "The Man." Thoughts on this? 

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