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M-1 Challenge results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Bennett vs Garner 2' TONIGHT (July 8) in Costa Mesa

Photo via M-1 Global
Photo via M-1 Global

M-1 Challenge makes its return to Showtime TONIGHT (July 8, 2011) when it brings "Bennett vs Garner 2" to the cable television network from the The Hanger in Costa Mesa, CA.

Obviously, the main event is lead by two heavyweights with something to prove. Pat Bennett is out for blood after losing to Kenny Garner earlier in his career late last year via technical knockout. Garner is trying to rebound from a failed title shot to current M-1 heavyweight champion and the world's top ranked heavyweight prospect Guram Gugenishvili late last October.

Others fighting on the card include former middleweight M-1 title challenger Tyson Jeffries as well as former lightweight challenger Mairbek Taisumov. Both men came up short in their last title efforts but are ready to get back on track and make another run.

How will everyone fare?

Complete M-1 Global Challenge 26 results and play-by-play after the jump.

Main card (Showtime TV)

265 lbs.: Kenny Garner def. Pat Bennett via technical knockout in round two
185 lbs.: Arthur Guseinov def. Tyson Jeffries via knockout in round one

155 lbs.: Mairbek Taisumov def. Josh Bakkalao via knockout in round one

155 lbs.: Daniel Weichel def. Beau Baker via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Eddie Arizmendi def. Jason Norwood via knockout in round two

Preliminary card (

155 lbs.: Max Martyniouk def. Mike de Robles via knockout in round one
205 lbs.: Diman Morris def. Brandon Michaels via split decision

Hemmi here to call the action for you guys tonight. 

265 lbs.: Kenny Garner (6-3) vs. Pat Bennett (4-2)

Round one: Bennett opens with a big superman punch and both men trade big bombs early. Garner ducks a left hooks and pushes Bennett into the ropes. Bennett throws a right hand to the body while Garner throws knees. Now both men trade big bombs again and Garner closes the wild exchange with another clinch attempt in the corner. Garner throws some left hands to the body and thigh from the clinch. Bennett creates some space and connects with some huge blows and Garner responds with a monster right hand that wobbles Bennett. Both men trade huge punches again and Bennett got the worst of that exchange. Garner goes to work on the body of Bennett in the corner and he throws some big hooks but Bennett responds with a flush hook of his own. Bennett throws a knee from the clinch and Garner wades in with hooks to clinch. More big hooks to the body and Bennett throws a flurry of punches to the face but Garner responds with a big uppercut that connects. Bennett clinches and scores a takedown with five seconds remaining. Close first round but 10-9 Garner

Round two: Both men go right back to work with some big strikes. Garner again clinches and throws some huge right hands to the body. Those have got to hurt. Garner connects with a knee in the clinch and goes to work with blows to the head and Bennett is hurt! He continues his assault and Bennett goes down after a big right hand! He follows him down with some brief ground and pound and the ref stops the fight. Garner proves the first time out wasn't a fluke.

Final Result: Kenny Garner defeats Pat Bennet via technical knockout in round two


185 lbs.: Arthur Guseinov (7-2) vs. Tyson Jeffries (7-4)

Round one: Jeffries immediately ducks a wild strike and takes Guseinov down. Jeffries quickly passes to full mount and he turns him away from the ropes towards the center of the ring. Guseinov escapes out the back door but Jeffries puts him in a headlock and starts throwing some knees to the face. Out of nowhere Guseinov throws an insane spinning backfist and knocks Jeffries OUT COLD! That was UNBELIEVABLE!

Final Result: Arthur Guseinov defeats Tyson Jeffries via knockout at 1:31 of round one


155 lbs.: Mairbek Taisumov (14-3) vs. Josh Bakkalao (6-2)

Round one: Big kick from Taisumov sends Bakkalao stumbling early. Bakkalao catches another Taisumov kick and takes him down but Taisumov scrambles back to his feet. Both men clinch and Taisumov scores a takedown but Bakkalao gets back to his feet. They reset both men exchange punches. Big right hand lands for Taisumov drops Bakkalao! He follows him to the ground and starts laying waste to him with ground and pound and it's over!

Final Result: Mairbek Taisumov defeats Josh Bakkalao via knockout at 2:01 of round one


155 lbs.: Daniel Weichel (26-7) vs. Beau Baker (8-4)

Round one: Weichel and Baker circle each other. Both men trade kicks and Weichel lands a nice right hand. Baker really working his kicks but Weichel is blocking most of them. Nice right hand on the exit from Weichel and he catches a Baker head kick attempt. Snapping leg kick crushes into Baker's thigh.Both men trade leg kicks but Weichel is doing a good job of backing Baker into the corner. Weichel throws a nice combinations and Baker lunges forward with hooks. Weichel calmly responds with a Muay Thai clinch and some knees. Big knee from Weichel and Baker responds with a big body punch. Baker uses some push kicks but gets put in the Thai plum and eats some knees. Baker escapes and gets back to the center of the ring as both men exchange kicks and knees. 10-9 Weichel

Round two: Big three punch combination connects for Weichel early. Baker tags Weichel and forces the German to slip. Baker drops for a takedown and throws an uppercut when it's stuffed. Weichel goes to work on the body and connects with a nice leg kick. Big strikes from Weichel and he's really starting to get comfortable here. Baker drops down for a single leg takedown and Weichel defends with a guillotine. Weichel corners Baker and knees him hard in the face but Baker is resilient. Huge right hand from Weichel connects to Baker's face. Big right hand and Baker falls to his back but gets to his feet. Baker is a zombie. Weichel avoids a flurry from Baker and the round ends. Baker's face is busted open, he probably broke his nose. 10-9 Weichel

Round three: Big right hand from Weichel draws some "oooo's" from the crowd. Another huge right hand forces a backwards somersault out of Baker. Baker lunges forward and lands a nice right hand. Baker drops for a single leg but Weichel defends with a guillotine attempt and throws a knee on the exit. Snapping left jab is working great for Weichel. Baker lunges with a huge looping hook but he's getting countered with ease. Spinning backfirst attempt backfires for Baker and he gets tagged by Weichel badly. Weichel connects with a combination and Baker is in trouble. Baker throws wild blows and gets tagged with a huge right hand at the final bell but he stays standing like nothing happened. Baker is tough as nails but he's going to lose a decision. 10-9 Weichel

Final Result: Daniel Weichel defeats Beau Baker via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)


185 lbs.: Eddie Arizmendi (14-2) vs. Jason Norwood (11-2)

Round one: Norwood immediately drives forward and drops for a takedown but Arizmendi defends well against the ropes. Norwood really working hard for a takedown and he can't get it as Arizmendi reverses position in the clinch. Norwood throws some knees while Arizmendi drops some elbows. Arizmendi throws a big flurry that forces Norwood to back away and both men start exchanging. Nice leg kick temporarily drops Norwood and he shoots directly for a takedowna gain but gets mired in the clinch. Arizmendi turns the tables and scores a takedown of his own, even taking Norwood's back. He attempts a rear naked choke and almost has it but Norwood slips free. Arizmendi has the body triangle and looks for ground and pound but Norwood reverses and takes top position, most likely looking to ride out the rest of the round from Arizmendi's full guard. He does just that. 10-9 Arizmendi

Round two: Strong kick early from Arizmendi and he clips Norwood with a HUGE uppercut that sends the wrestler reeling. Norwood tries to recover by instinctually shooting for a takedown and he gets it, passing immediately to half guard. Arizmendi goes for a Kimura sweep but Norwood takes his back and Arizmendi pops back to his feet. Arizmendi drops down looking for a takedown but Arizmendi is stuck in the corner. Norwood lifts Arizmendi up and drops him on his back and Arizmendi takes full closed guard, wrapping Norwood up hoping for a stand up and he gets it. They reset and Arizmendi clips Norwood with a pair of huge punches and Norwood again dives for a takedown and gets it again. Norwood takes Arizmendi's back and Arizmendi stands up with Norwood draped on his back. Arizmendi looks calm and he shimmies, which forces Norwood off his back. Norwood drives forward pinning Arizmendi into the corner looking for another takedown and they get separated. Big head kick from Arizmendi and he lunges in with HUGE straight right and a left hook that drop Norwood with authority! Norwood goes down and he's out cold!

Final Result: Eddie Arizmendi defeats Jason Norwood via knockout at 4:55 in the second round


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