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Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz rivalry the subject of upcoming UFC 'Bad Blood' DVD release on Aug. 30, 2011

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The extensive UFC library of tape is being put to some good use with an upcoming DVD release chronicling the rivalry between UFC Hall of Fame legends Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

As opposed to the standard release that simply showcases fights, this will be a full blown documentary with plenty of goodies from one of the better rivalries in Octagon history.

Here's a description of the DVD from Amazon:

Once friends, now bitter enemies, UFC superstars Chuck ''The Iceman'' Liddell and ''The Huntington Beach Bad Boy'' Tito Ortiz waged intense battles inside and outside of the Octagon. UFC Bad Blood: Liddell vs. Ortiz gives an all access look at the epic feud forged in heated competition over the UFC Championship, and fueled by personal conflict that often boiled over. Through exclusive new interviews, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and hard hitting action from their historic fights, you can re-live the rivalry that helped launch the Ultimate Fighting Championship into the mainstream, and make Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz household names that will be forever linked.

Sounds compelling enough, no? Anybody hyped?

Here's a little background and brief rundown of the longstanding feud between "The Iceman" and "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy."

The two light heavyweights started their respective careers as friends and sometimes training partners. Ortiz found great success with his larger frame and elite level wrestling, winning a title just three years into his career. 

Liddell, meanwhile, quickly became known for his intense demeanor and sprawl-and-brawl tactics that he employed to perfection. Few could take him down and even less could hang with him standing up.

Naturally, with two elite fighters in the same division and the same organization, they would cross paths. Chuck quickly became the number one contender to the title around Tito's waist and the UFC tried to set up what would promise to be a big money fight.

There was just one problem -- Ortiz said he wouldn't fight his friend because they had made a pact never to do so.

Liddell, of course, was furious and claimed they never did such a thing. This led to allegations of Ortiz ducking Liddell and avoiding him because he may or may not have felt he was the inferior fighter.

In fact, Ortiz spent an entire year on the shelf, prompting the UFC to create an interim title in his absence. Liddell fought Randy Couture for said title at UFC 43 and lost via TKO.

Just three months later, at the very next event, Ortiz returned to unify the titles against "The Natural," a fight he lost convincingly after a five-round beatdown at the hands of "Captain America."

This set the stage for Liddell and Ortiz to finally meet at UFC 47.

As expected (by most), "The Iceman" knocked out the Punishment product pusher and that should have been the end of that.

But oh no ... not even a little bit.

Ortiz continued to talk the talk and wanted to back it up by walking the walk, finally getting his chance to do so, once again, at UFC 66 over three years later.

Again, he lost via technical knockout.

The rivalry continued, however, with both men holding on to their feelings of ill will towards one another, enough so that they were booked against each other for season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter, which was meant to lead to a third and final bout between them.

Ortiz was forced to pull out with an injury and the rivalry finally came to a close when Liddell announced his retirement on Dec. 29, 2010.

But, after Tito choked out Ryan Bader in under two minutes at UFC 132 this past Saturday, it's been rumored that Liddell is itching to return for the third and final fight they never got to have.

Never say never.

That's a short version of the rivalry with plenty of holes that will presumably be filled once the "Bad Blood" DVD is released this coming Aug. 30, 2011.

Anyone plan on checking it out?

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