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'Incident' gets James Toney booted from health club while training for Ken Shamrock fight

Portly pugilistic powerhouse James Toney seems to be making friends wherever he goes.

The bloated boxing "champion" is set to slug it out against fellow fossilized fomenter Ken Shamrock in a special mixed rules bout later this year.

And he has to find a new place to train for it, according to Larry Brown Sports:

Toney used to do his training at the 360 Health Club in Reseda, California, but was kicked out after having an incident with another member. The gym would not comment on the matter citing company policy, but they did confirm that Toney is no longer a member. We’re told Toney made another member feel uncomfortable with a verbal and/or physical threat.

When asked what happened between him and 360, Toney told LBS "We had a disagreement with the managers. We had too much traffic coming in — the wrong traffic." We did not press Toney for details on the specifics of the incident, but officials at 360 say the suggestion that bringing in "the wrong traffic" was not the issue.

Peace out, Jimbo.

Toney's first and only mixed martial arts fight was a Boston massacre, as "Lights Out" was made an example of by Randy Couture in front of a "Beantown" crowd last August.

While Shammy is known for being a brawler, he might want to follow "The Natural's" lead and take this thing south as soon as it's humanly possible or risk getting mummified in the opening frame.

Something he seems to have perfected over the past ten years.

Not to suggest "The World's Most Dangerous Man" has been on hard times as of late, but he makes the struggling Wanderlei Silva look like William the Conqueror.

Two combat sports legends (way) past their prime in a mixed rules grudge match.

Anyone plan on checking this one out?

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