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UFC Quick Quote: Nick Diaz is in better shape than Georges St. Pierre

Photo via Combat Lifestyle
Photo via Combat Lifestyle

"Against Diaz, I think [Georges St. Pierre is] gonna do real good. This will be the first time I think that he's gonna face someone who is in better shape than he is. Diaz is in great shape and that's the only thing I think Diaz is gonna have an edge on but GSP is not gonna wear out. Striking, submissions, ground work ... I think he's gonna win every one of those. The only thing Diaz is, he's so different with his striking, maybe he's gonna land something like he did against Robbie Lawler that one time, something out of left field, but I see GSP winning."

Unless former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz can land something "out of left field," Matt Hughes (via MMA Fighting) believes Georges St. Pierre will have yet another successful title defense under his belt when he throws hands with the wily Stockton striker at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas. The flinty farmboy pegs Diaz as the better athlete, but doesn't expect "Rush" to gas or lose any aspect of the fight based on his perception that the Canadian crusader has the edge in every skill set. But do you agree with his assessment that Diaz is in better shape? And will it matter come fight night? Opinions, please.

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