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UFC Quick Quote: Beware of the bantamweight man-beast

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"[Miguel Torres is] a great fighter, he's tough, he's been champion of the WEC for a long time and he's no mug. But stylistically he's a great fight for me and I'm a bad match-up for him. Technically he has good striking, but I have a lot more power. He's more of a boxer striker, throwing straight punches, I'm bobbing and throwing a lot of hooks with good head movement. So the stand-up would have been a great fight. I have much better wrestling than he does, he doesn't mind being on his back because he's got a very good ground game, but that can be bad for him because you often lose a decision that way. I think I would have a good chance standing and banging with him, I'd have a good chance of knocking him out, I could take him down, and I've got good submissions. I don't look for submissions a lot, I do more of what I call my own fighting style, which is man-beasting - I just concentrate on beating someone up. Man-beasting is minimal technique, but pure intensity and breaking some down mentally."

Boisterous British bantamweight Brad Pickett, who was forced to withdraw from his UFC 130 bout against Miguel Torres due to injury, tells there's a chance he could find himself paired up with the former 135-pound champion (again) in the not-too-distant future. "One Punch," by way of MMA Math, thinks he's a lock because he owns a win over Demetrious Johnson, who was able to defeat Torres over the Memorial Day Weekend. How about it Maniacs, are you down for some man-beasting? Or not so much?

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