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Alistair Overeem video documentary for 'The Reem' (Episode five)

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Well, this is interesting timing.

Shortly after it was announced that Alistair Overeem had been released by Strikeforce, the latest episode of his video documentary "The Reem" hit the web.

Why is this significant?

Because the video showcases an important piece of the puzzle. On top of running through his fight against Fabricio Werdum on June 18 in Texas, it also fasts forward to about a month later and showcases "Demolition Man's" trip to the hospital.

During his time there, Overeem proclaims that he "must prove" his injuries are real and proceeds to get his ribs x-rayed to determine any damage.

Sure enough, the doctor explains that he has a broken rib and advises him not to fight until he no longer feels any pain.

Again, very interesting timing on the release of this latest episode of "The Reem," which, despite the circumstances, is still one of the most superbly produced pieces of work you will ever see.

Thoughts on this?

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