UFC 132 results: Carlos Condit practiced the flying knee he used to knockout Dong Hyun Kim (Video)

And that practice paid off -- to the tune of $75,000 thanks to his winning "Knockout of the Night" with it last night (July 2) at UFC 132 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He may have also earned himself a shot at the welterweight title.

Company President Dana White made sure to take to Twitter today to tell Condit he's "still blown away" by his performance and he plans on watching it again today.

For his part, "The Natural Born Killer" says he doesn't plan on waiting around, even if it's decided he's worthy of the next shot at the welterweight crown.

His manager, Malki Kawa, is also on Twitter and seemingly campaigning for a fight between Condit and the one and only "Prodigy," B.J. Penn.

Anyone interested?

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