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Pat Miletich predicts Daniel Cormier to upset Antonio Silva in Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix

Photo by <a href="" target="new">Esther Lin</a> via <a href="" target="new">Strikeforce</a>
Photo by Esther Lin via Strikeforce

Still upset that "Demolition Man" is out of the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix? Get over(eem) it, already.

In fact, not only should you get over it but this is actually a good thing for the tournament. That's because Alistair Overeem's replacement, Daniel Cormier, is a better match-up for Antonio Silva.

This according to Pat Miletich, who told Middle Easy he thinks the mega-prospect is actually going to pull off the upset:

"I think Cormier being brought in is a tougher match for Silva than Overeem would have been. Silva, if he takes Overeem down, you know, Overeem's in trouble. I don't think that was a far stretch for Silva to be able to do. Daniel Cormier (is a) two-time Olympian, he's a great wrestler, very good athlete, got quick hands... I, honestly, I really do, I pick Cormier to beat Silva. I like Silva a lot but I pick Cormier to win that fight."

On the one hand, Miletich is a former champion in the sport and has also coached a bevy of high level fighters and eventual Hall of Famers like Matt Hughes.

On the other, he's currently employed by Strikeforce and it's not out of line to think he may or may not be propping up Cormier as a legitimate challenger to Silva in the sake of fight promotion.

Which do you think is more likely?

After the jump hear more from Miletich, including his thoughts on Nick Diaz jumping over to UFC to challenge Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title.

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