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Scott Coker talks contracts with Dan Henderson and Fedor, says Gina Carano could return in 2011 (Video)

Guess what? There's a major fight card coming up this Saturday, July 30, 2011. You knew that, though, right?

Any time a big event draws nearer and nearer, promoters get busy rapping and rhyming on all things related to their organization, which is what Strikeforce head cheese Scott Coker did just last night with

Among the many topics up for discussion were the pending contracts of Fedor Emelianenko (hopes he wants to keep fighting) and Dan Henderson (dude can fight in three separate weight classes, he needs to be re-signed).

Alistair Overeem's toe, of course, is the only thing keeping him out of the Strikeforce show on Sept. 10. Seriously, it is.

Oh, and Gina Carano just might be back before the end of the calendar year. No, Coker couldn't divulge any information on what exactly has her awol, but he does say "it's personal."

The mystery continues.

All that and more, including one of the biggest events in Strikeforce history, "Fedor vs. Henderson," and what the heck the plan is for the vacant welterweight title, after the jump.

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