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Strikeforce: Robbie Lawler thinks he's one fight away from a title shot (Video)

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One of the most stirring numbers in MMA is an age of one of its participants -- 29-years-old.

That's how many years Robbie Lawler has been on Earth. That seems so young for a man that competed all the way back at UFC 37 in May 2002.

Yet, here he is, still knocking fools out nearly a decade later. His exciting style has earned him favor in all the right circles, which is likely the reason he believes he's so close to another title shot.

The fact that his recent run of "win one, lose one" resulted in a crack at the middleweight championship held by Ronaldo Souza only adds to that.

His losing that bout has resulted in a match-up against Tim Kennedy at the upcoming Strikeforce: "Fedor vs. Henderson" event on July 30. Will the winner earn a title shot? Considering the lack of depth in the promotion's middleweight division, that may very well be the case.

Lawler raps on just that, including who he thinks will win the upcoming 185-pound title fight between Souza and Luke Rockhold, as well as how he feels fighting under the Zuffa banner again after the jump.

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