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Even if he's not in shape, Fedor Emelianenko can knock you the eff out

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But don't take my word for it.

Just ask Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson, who challenges "The Last Emperor" this Saturday night (July 30) at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

"Obviously Fedor is real dangerous whether he's in shape or out of shape - I've seen him where he's really out of shape and he still knocks guys out or pulls through and win the fights," Henderson told ESPN. "As far as his two losses, it might diminish it a little bit, but it probably re-motivated him to where he's going to come in in shape and that's the Fedor I want to fight. He's going to be a little more mobile bouncing around and a little more offensive that first round. I just need to implement my gameplan and wear him out at the same time, especially in that first round ... that first round is going to be crucial."

After stringing together eight straight finishes and making a mockery of every heavyweight not competing under the Zuffa banner, Emelianenko (31-3) was stunned by Fabricio Werdum in his second fight as a Strikeforce employee, angrily tapping to a first round triangle choke slapped on by the Brazilian possum.

The loss was widely considered a freak occurrence, based on the Russian heavyweight's dominance throughout the years in both PRIDE and Aflliction.

That is, until he was mauled by a South American Wampa last February and made to look, well, vulnerable.

But that doesn't make him any less dangerous.

Henderson (27-8), himself on the latter end of an illustrious career, has experienced his share of pitfalls in the Strikeforce promotion. He was handled by Jake Shields in their middleweight title fight back in April 2010 and nearly coughed up his 205-pound strap in a first round scare after getting clocked by Rafael Cavalcante back in March.

"Hendo" survived and finished the "Feijao" fight, but probably walked away knowing that when you live by the H-Bomb, you can also die by the H-bomb.

Or the F-bomb in Fedor's case, which he can still use to a certain degree of effectiveness, even if he's not in shape.

This time he is ... but will it make a difference come fight night?

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