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Chael Sonnen has a problem with mental toughness and thinks the scoring system in MMA is perfect

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None of that comes from me ... those are the words of Chael Sonnen himself.

In a recent interview, the former middleweight title challenger sounded off on learning about mental toughness and sports psychology and the difference it has started to make for him in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

But how did he figure out his biggest problem was in his own noggin? His answer:

"I have lost 10 fights, 10 professional fights. And I was dominating every single fight, I was never in a war, it was never back and forth. And I lost every fight by submission in the second round. All of them, and I was ahead on all the cards. And I started to look at that and said, 'man, something's going on here. This isn't a physical problem.' Physically, I'm dominating. I don't say that to be a jerk, I was dominating the top guys out there but I would lose. And it kept happening. And I finally realized there's something going on here that isn't physical and I started to look into it."

Chael Sonnen, ladies and gentlemen.

He had a lot more to say than that, including his opinion on the scoring system currently used in MMA being absolutely perfect. You can hear it straight out of his mouth after the jump.

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