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UFC Quick Quote: Sean Sherk should be back by early fall, wants to keep fighting contenders

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"I should be back in early fall. I want another contender. Just want to keep fighting contenders and keep fighting guys that I feel like they have something to offer me, because anytime I fight somebody and I've been in the industry for so long, I've accomplished so much, anybody that I fight it's going to be a big fight for them. It's going to be a big win if they beat me. So I got to put my butt on the line and I want to fight another top contender. Someone whose got some momentum going so if I beat them it furthers my career as well. So it's kind of a win-win for both of us you know."

-- Hey, look who it is. It's former Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk. If you're having trouble recognizing him, it's because the Earth has nearly orbited the Sun since the last time he was on your television. Actually, he's fought just once each of the past two years; a unanimous decision loss to Frankie Edgar (who now holds the 155-pound title) at UFC 98 and a split decision win (in which his victory was considered a robbery and he was driving the getaway car) over Evan Dunham at UFC 119. Once one of the most active fighters in MMA -- Sherk fought eight times in 2004 alone and just nine times since -- steroid suspensions, injuries and bad luck have kept him from reaching the level he once performed at. But that doesn't mean he's ready to hang 'em up just yet. In fact, he tells MMA Fight Corner (via FiveKnuckles) that he wants to return in the fall and he wants to fight another contender when he does finally get back inside the Octagon. Considering how absolutely loaded the lightweight division is, he may end up fighting one by default. Got anyone in mind for him?

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