Wanderlei Silva video timeline of UFC 132 fight against Chris Leben

Although it's a bit dated (UFC 132 took place on July 2), this is an outstanding, masterfully produced video of the time leading up to and shortly after Wanderlei Silva's loss to Chris Leben earlier this month.

Key quote from the vid: "I'm having a taste of everything a fighter can pass through in his career. I'm being put to the test. It's that story; the true warrior is the one who doesn't give up. You have to go through hardship to know if you will give up or not. I'm still here. ... I'm in one piece. I will come back as soon as the event invites me. I hope to fight soon. To try to feel the taste of victory. The Silva family never gives up. I will show you all that I never give up. I will be ready for the next."

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