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Dana White confirms Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles winner will receive bantamweight title shot

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Sometimes the food chain works itself out rather nicely.

Such is the case with the bantamweight division, which is filled with talent but before just a few days ago had little order and direction. That's no longer the case after matchmaker Joe Silva and UFC President Dana White went to work and figured it all out.

Their job was made easy, in the end. 135-pound kingpin Dominick Cruz will defend his title against Demetrious Johnson at UFC on Versus 6 on Oct. 1 in Washington D.C.

Johnson is a suitable contender thanks to his quick rise through the ranks since making his Octagon debut by spanking Norifumi Yamamoto and following it up with a close decision win over Miguel Torres.

The latter of which he pulled off with a broken freaking leg.

This left Urijah Faber and Brian Bowles, both credible challengers in their own right, out in the cold. Nice thing about mathematics, though, is 1 + 1 will always = 2.

Just as quickly as the decision was made to match Cruz up against Johnson, it was decided to throw Faber and Bowles inside the Octagon together to see who really deserves the next shot at the bantamweight crown.

And that all important rematch both so badly desire against "The Dominator."

This was confirmed by Dana White to ESPN when he said:

"Both Urijah and Bowles lost to Cruz. The winner of their fight will earn a rematch. Johnson is 9-1, on a four-fight win streak and beat former [bantamweight] champ [Miguel] Torres in his last fight."

The easiest way to let the food chain work itself out -- dangle the next meal in front of two hungry lions and sit back to watch them fight over it.

As bad as he wants a rubber match against Cruz, Faber has no problems going through Bowles to get it. To wit:

"I definitely want the rematch with Cruz. It's a fight that needs to happen. But I'm fine with having another fight going into it. It definitely gives me extra motivation. Beating Brian Bowles is just one step closer to getting that belt. I'm sure Brian Bowles is motivated himself to get another shot."

That WEC merger with UFC is already showing some nice returns not even a full year after it happened. And the bantamweight division is as interesting as it's ever been.

How does all this sound to you, Maniacs?

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