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Bellator 47 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Curran vs Mann' TONIGHT (July 23) in Ontario

Bellator Fighting Championships made its Canadian debut TONIGHT (July 23, 2011) at the Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, live on MTV2. The main card aired live on the basic cable network, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. provided LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 47 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, we delivered up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action much earlier in the evening.

Bellator 47 was the continuation of the promotion's "Summer Series" eight-man featherweight tournament, which has now been whittled down to a field of four. In semifinal action, Bellator season two lightweight tournament winner Pat Curran battled British standout Ronnie Mann, while former Sengoku featherweight champion Marlon Sandro took Argentinian prospect Nazareno Malegarie (20-1).

When a much anticipated featherweight title bout between Joe Warren and Patricio Freire was scrapped, Bellator stepped up on short notice and filled out the remainder of the televised card withformer IFL standout Chris Horodecki taking on tough but untested grappling prospect Chris Saunders.

The main card was finalized with Bellator heavyweight tournament finalist Neil Grove as he battled The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 veteran Zak Jensen.

Complete Bellator 47 results and play-by-play are after the jump:

Main Card

145 lbs.: Pat Curran def. Ronnie Mann via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Marlon Sandro def. Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Chris Horodecki def. Chris Saunders via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Neil Grove def. Zak Jensen via TKO at 2:00 of round 1

Local Feature Fights

145 lbs.: William Romero def. Daniel Langbeen via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Alex Ricci def. Alka Matewa via TKO at 2:40 of round 2

152 lbs.: Alexandre Bezerra def. Jesse Gross via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:28 of round 1

145 lbs.: Pat Curran (14-4) vs. Ronnie Mann (20-2-1)

Round one: Curran opens with a leg kick and a push kick is countered with a combination from Mann. They each trade kicks and a then trade lightning fast flurries. Big flying knee from Curran out of nowhere surprises Mann but he recovers and throws a snapping push kick. Both men being cautious thus far. Curran throws a jumping kick and follows it up with a left hand before clinching. Curran wraps Mann up, turns the corner and takes him down. Mann attempts some rubber guard from bottom and Curran backs off but doesn't allow the Brit to get back to his feet. Curran throws some short left hands until the bell sounds. 10-9 Curran

Round two: Nice jumping knee from Curran and he follows it up with a counter right hand that lands. Both men trade big right hands. Snapping leg kick from Mann is countered with a right hand from Curran. Mann barely avoids a flying knee from Curran and circles away. Mann is having trouble getting inside but throws a nice body kick. Curran walking down Mann and forces Mann to circle away and escape. Another jumping knee from Curran and he's getting a bit predictable. Curran throws a left body kick and Mann lands a solid left hook. Curran lunges forward and both men engage along the fence but he backs off. Nice right hand from Curran. Mann circles hard to his left and Curran dives forward with a knee. Mann latches on a guillotine choke and both men scramble until the final bell. 10-9 Curran

Round three: Mann needs something drastic to happen this round. Curran jumps forward with that flying knee attack and attempts a takedown but gets stuffed. Mann throws a nice pair of leg kicks and follows it up with a body kick. Curran continues to stalk Mann and avoids a combination from the Brit. Nice lead right hand from Curran but he again backs off. Mann eats a left jab and he's just not doing anything significant. Nice leg kick from Curran staggers Mann. Mann tries to push forward but he can't break through Curran's defenses. More left jabs from Curran and Mann takes him down going for a guillotine but he runs out of time as the final bell sounds. I guess 10-9 Mann but he's going to lose a decision.

Final Result: Pat Curran defeats Ronnie Mann via unanimous decision


145 lbs.: Marlon Sandro (18-2) vs. Nazareno Malegarie (20-1)

Round one: Malegarie throws a few kicks early to try to keep Sandro at bay. Nice lunging right hand by Malegarie and both men clinch. They trade knees and Malegarie backs off. Malegarie appears very concerned with Sandro's power and he's playing it smart so far. Malegarie's speed has been a help so far as Sandro hasn't been able to catch him with anything significant. Nice right hand from Sandro clips Malegarie and staggers him but he doesn't follow it up. Nice wading hooks by Sandro and Malegarie dives forward with a single-leg but Sandro slips out. Malegarie throws a good left hand but Sandro ignores it. Big right hand from Sandro and Malegarie slips a Sandro hook to get inside and clinch. Head kick whiffs from Malegarie and Sandro lands a big left hand. Sandro has finally found his range and he lands multiple hooks but doesn't hurt Malegarie with them. Head kick attempt from Sandro is blocked and Malegarie throws a flying knee as the round concludes. 10-9 Sandro

Round two: Malegarie presses forward aggressively but can't score a takedown. Both men crash into each other. Malegarie dives forward with a nice right hand but eats a right counter from Sandro. Sandro is looking to counter everything, throwing a huge uppercut that just misses. Nice left jab from Sandro and Malegarie can't take him down at all. Sandro is really throwing big haymakers and they clinch. It's Sandro that scores a takedown and Malegarie escapes to his feet. Nice right hand from Malegarie and Sandro continues to counter him. Sandro clinches, pressing Malegarie into the fence and he scores another takedown. Malegarie pops back up to his feet and eats a big knee from Sandro but appears unfazed. Sandro lands another single leg takedown but Malegarie pops back up. Sandro finishes the round pushing Malegarie into the fence. 10-9 Sandro

Round three: Sandro loading up with an uppercut but can't connect. He finds a home with a kick that drops Malegarie but the Argentinian again pops right back up. Malegarie aggressively wades in and eats huge counters but he keeps pushing forward. Malegarie clinches and they clash heads and back off. Nice left hand from Malegarie but he eats another counter from Sandro. Sandro is going to work on Malegarie but Malegarie continues to press forward. He can't take Sandro down or hurt him with strikes. Huge uppercut from Sandro and Malegarie again walks through it. Sandro locks up Malegarie in a body lock and both men clinch. Malegarie takes inside position and releases. Both men trade left hooks and Sandro throws a goofy jumping punch. Both men throw hard and Sandro lets loose a pair of flying knees as the final bell sounds. 10-9 Sandro

Final Result: Marlon Sandro defeats Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Chris Horodecki (17-3) vs. Chris Saunders (9-1)

Round one: Saunders tries a fancy spinning back fist and Horodecki counters him. Horodecki wades forward with big hooks and connects with a body shot. They clinch against the fence and Saunders attempts a standing guillotine but Horodecki uses it to take him down into his full guard. Saunders tries to use rubber guard but Horodecki doesn't seem concerned. Horodecki passes to half guard and Saunders tries to sweep him. After a crazy scramble, Horodecki lands on top in north-south position but gives it up to attempt a guillotine choke. Saunders slips out and tries to take Horodecki's back but Horodecki ends up on top in his full guard again. Saunders tries to wall-walk and he gets to his feet as Horodecki holds him in a clinch pressing him into the fence. Horodecki looks for a single leg takedown and gets it while Saunders latches on a Kimura but he can't get enough space to threaten with it. Horodecki throws several punches to the body until the round ends. 10-9 Horodecki

Round two: Horodecki opens aggressively looking for kicks. Horodecki presses forward with a takedown attempt and Saunders attempts a guillotine but can't squeeze it tight enough. Horodecki throws short ground and pound to the body. Horodecki is staying real tight and the ref stands them up. Saunders throws a leg kick directly into Horodecki's knee and that likely hurt bad for Saunders. Horodecki wades forward with a combination and finishes it with a head kick. Both men clinch, trading knees and Horodecki uses a nice outside trip to score another takedown. More big body shots from Horodecki and he passes to half guard, flattening Saunders out to avoid a sweep as the round ends. 10-9 Horodecki

Round three: Saunders looks to land leg kicks early but he's getting checked nicely. Horodecki again scores a takedown and Saunders is stuck on his back again. Horodecki briefly postures up and Saunders works with submission attempts and escapes to his feet but Horodecki has a body lock from behind, throwing several knees to the back of the leg. Horodecki now has Saunders pressed against the fence and the ref resets them. Horodecki throws a nice right hook and both men trade kicks. Saunders dives in and gets taken down easily by Horodecki again, completely ignoring the guillotine choke attempt. Horodecki turns up the pressure looking to pass to mount but Saunders defends. Horodecki drops some ground and pound, ignoring Saunders' submission attempts and passing to half guard with a minute left. Horodecki passes to mount and Saunders hangs on for dear life with a body lock. Saunders hip escapes and Horodecki throws some reverse elbows from side control, dropping punches until the final bell. 10-9 Horodecki

Final Result: Chris Horodecki defeats Chris Saunders via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


265 lbs.: Neil Grove (10-3-1) vs. Zak Jensen (10-6)

Round one: Both men come out swinging hard and Jensen connects hard, dropping Grove. Jensen latches onto an arm instead of ground and pounding him and Grove takes top position. Grove throws hard from above and Jensen attacks an arm but Grove counters with a leg lock. Both men start wailing on each other, trading punches while Grove has the leg. Grove lunges forward and attacks Jensen's guard and nearly gets put in a triangle. Grove powers out of it and drops huge hammer fists on Jensen until Jensen's will leaves him and he turns away. The ref steps in and stops the fight. That was wild.

Final Result: Neil Grove defeats Zak Jensen via TKO at 2:00 of round one


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