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Rashad Evans: 'I know I can make Jon Jones quit ... and he will quit'

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

If you thought the fact that Rashad Evans being matched up against Tito Ortiz and Jon Jones being busy with Quinton Jackson meant even a small break in their feud, you would be wrong.

Very wrong.

That's partly because the media and fans keep bombarding the two with questions centered around the other, although that's halted a bit thanks to the pending issues with Ortiz and Jackson, especially the rivalry Jones is building with the latter.

Still, bad blood runs deep and there are unresolved issues between "Bones" and "Suga" Rashad that has fostered the trash talk, which will likely continue until they square off inside the Octagon.

Fighting solves everything.

Here's the latest from Evans (via Fight Week), in which he echoes "Rampage's" sentiments from earlier this week in saying that Jones will lose because he'll quit:

"It would be amazing to beat Jon Jones for that belt. I know if I get to fight Jon Jones for that belt, I know I'm going to beat Jon Jones. I already know it and Jon knows it. You know, for some reason, he has like a fear and maybe it's because of what he knows I can do. But he tries to pretend like he's cocky and pretend like he's this, that and the other but he knows what time it is. It's no accident that he figured out he didn't have to have thumb surgery after I signed to fight Phil Davis. After we were supposed to fight in September on the Denver card. That's no accident. That's not something that just happens. He knew what he was doing. He know what time it is. There's a reason why he did that whole situation. There's a reason why everytime he sees me, he tries to act all huffy and puffy and he wants to act like he's tough or try to portray like he is. I see right through that kid. He knows I see him. I know all his weaknesses and I know how to capitalize on those weaknesses. I only need to know one thing about that dude -- he will quit. My technique could be total sh*t, trash. But I know one thing -- I can make him quit. And he will quit."

Evans assertion is that underneath all the cocky bravado is a 24-year-old kid (and you know how much Jones hates being called that) who will quit when the going gets rough.

And he knows this because he's seen it in training.

Of course, we have nothing to go on besides his words and they may or may not ring true. Nonetheless, the only way to find out is if Evans can defeat Ortiz at UFC 133 and Jones gets past Jackson at UFC 135.

Then? It's on like Donkey Kong, ladies and sirs.

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