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Why did UFC President Dana White visit WWE Chairman Vince McMahon?

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was recently in Stamford, Conn., at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) headquarters to talk turkey with the Chairman of the Board of the sports entertainment conglomerate, Vince McMahon.

But why?

Aside from sharing a common bond, which is dominating their respective markets and crushing the competition, White and McMahon also rule the pay-per-view (PPV) roost, delivering fans monthly entertainment for about fifty bucks.

It's also no secret the Zuffa boss followed the business model Vinny Mac used to make his WWE a booming success, which at one point became large enough (and profitable enough) to purchase its biggest rival, World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Of course he had a little help from WCW as it was already in dire straits prior to McMahon's brigandage. Sound anything like the absorption of PRIDE?

Naturally then, there would be a lot to talk about between the two kings, if nothing else but to share a laugh over their past conquests.

Or is there something else in the works? White gives Ariel Helwani the reason for his Stamford pop-in:

"I like Vince McMahon. Last time we met was probably two years ago, we had breakfast in Vegas. I just wanted to bounce some stuff off him. I wanted to talk to him so I called him up, asked him what he was doing and if I could swing by and he said 'yeah.' Plus I've never been to their headquarters before so that was pretty cool. He's got a lot of cool history in there from the WWE and the XFL and stuff like that. We talked about a lot of stuff. It was both [business and personal]. We talked about what we're doing, what they're doing, stuff like that. That's it."

Whatever he "bounced" off McMahon was juicy enough to tease via his official Twitter account. Then again, White could have just been gloating, as he was inside Titan Towers and we weren't.

One of this sport's worst kept secrets is how many mixed martial arts fans have been (and still are) fans of professional wrestling, though few would admit it due to the Scarlett letter that gets assigned upon such an admission.

So what's your take on Dana's visit to Connecticut? Something wicked this way comes? Or much ado about nothing?

Anyone think Brock Lesnar has something to do with this?

Opinions, please.

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