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UFC President Dana White meets with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

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Photo by Zak Woods
Photo by Zak Woods

Well look who's getting cozy with one another.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White was recently in Stamford, Conn., at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) headquarters to rub elbows with the Chairman of the Board of the sports entertainment conglomerate, Vince McMahon.

White, who has called McMahon an "animal" and admitted to looking up to him and following the business model he used to make WWE a booming success, stated that Vince is "the guy that basically created the pay-per-view market," according to USA Today.

No word on exactly what White was in town to discuss but there's no shortage of speculation. Perhaps Brock Lesnar, who has recently been rumored to sign a deal with WWE for rights to manufacture toys and DVD's and such?

Not to mention that little confrontation with Undertaker back at UFC 121. You wanna do it?

Of course, there's always the chance the two companies could come together for a blockbuster agreement of some sort, which was briefly rumored as a potential collaboration on a television deal. Both organizations are reportedly in discussions to purchase their own cable channels.

Anything could happen, right?

This is all unsubstantiated, of course. I'll leave the rest up to you, Maniacs. Anyone have a good theory as to why White would be hitting up McMahon at WWE headquarters?

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