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Dana White has a little message for wannabe UFC fighter Weston Cage

Premiere Of Quiver Distribution’s “Running With The Devil” - Arrivals Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

"I would never allow Weston Cage to set foot in a UFC ring after two domestic violence arrests."

UFC President Dana White also tells TMZ that Weston, son of Hollywood movie star Nicolas Cage, is currently under a lifetime ban for all UFC events.

The wannabe "Cage" fighter, who's looking to compete inside the Octagon to "prove he's not mentally unstable," recently called out former UFC heavyweight attraction Kimbo Slice, who balked at the challenge while training for his upcoming boxing debut on Aug. 13.

Perhaps Cage can train hard and work his way up to the big show. I hear Dustin "Screech" Diamond and Joey Buttafuoco are hunting for "stars" to headline the next "Celebrity Boxing" train wreck special on Fox.

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