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Rampage Jackson Twitter beef with Randy Couture gets ugly

Rampage Jackson (left) with Randy Couture (right) in happier times.
Rampage Jackson (left) with Randy Couture (right) in happier times.

For some folks, Twitter is a social medium that represents a nice way to connect with friends. For others, it's an invaluable networking tool and rolling news source for up to the minute information on anything you need. 

And then there are those that use it to air their grievances against one another and engage in what has come to be known quite simply as "Twitter beefs."

Such is the case tonight, as Quinton Jackson is clawing at Randy Couture's proverbial throat because he didn't take too kindly to "The Natural" picking against him so many times throughout his fight career, especially when Couture chose Matt Hamill to defeat him at UFC 130 this past May 28.

"Captain America," however, was classy in saying:

"It sucks that rampage would take an objective pick on a fight personally . He's a great guy and a friend . All the best to him ! ... Yes the hamill pick . I thought hamill would eek out a (decision) In that fight and rampage took it personal . They're objective and I'm wrong a (lot)."

"Rampage's" reaction, though, was anything but nice ... and highly confrontational.

At first Jackson was general in putting out his message and airing his problem with Couture:

"Fuck @Randy_Couture I used 2 rep his line, and he always picked my opponents over me, at 1st it was cool till Hamill #has been."

Then he quickly decided to address Couture directly:

"@Randy_Couture fuck u dude, u a fake ass has been, I was a real friend and kept my mouth shut when I didn't know if you would win or lose."

Come at me, bro.

Jackson, of course, used to represent Xtreme Couture, Randy's clothing line that promotes his gym in Las Vegas, wearing it as his walkout shirt on numerous occasions.

Not anymore ... probably ever.

Is Jackson being a little petty here getting upset at Couture picking against him? Or is his anger justifiable? Sound off, Maniacs.

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