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UFC Quick Quote: Lorenzo Fertitta calls for random testing to end TRT abuse

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"What you can't have are guys abusing this to the point where their levels are at some super-human factor, giving them this performance enhancement. There's got to be more random testing. It seems like, possibly, guys are getting outside the boundary while they're training and managing it down where once the week of the fight [has arrived], they take the test and they're fine. I think that there needs to be this random testing to make sure no one's abusing it. I think we came off with a pretty strong response to Nate Marquardt, and kind how we feel about TRT. Our stance is we're working with commissions to say 'look this whole thing has got to come to an end.' If you are going to have some kind of therapy, not only can you not be at the top end of the range, you can't be anywhere near performance enhancing."

UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta (via Yahoo Sports) is speaking out against testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) abuse in the wake of Great-gate back on June 26 in Pittsburgh. Nate Marquardt, who nearly sabotaged the UFC on Versus 4 telecast after testing out of range with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, joins Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Todd Duffee on the ever-growing list of current and former Zuffa fighters using TRT. But is TRT, in and of itself, a performance enhancer? Or only when abused to help gain a competitive edge? Anyone think random testing is the answer? Or will fighters find a way to circumnavigate that as well?

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