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UFC 135: Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson staredown leaves a 'pissed off' Bones feeling 'outraged'

Angry champ is angry.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is all in a huff after his staredown, if you can call it that, with former division title holder Quinton Jackson at the UFC 135 press conference back on July 19.

"Bones" is slated to defend his title for the very first time on Sept. 24 when he trades blows with "Rampage" at the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado live on pay-per-view.

And if the staredown is any indication of what we can expect on fight night, things are starting to get interesting.

That's because Jackson didn't know what to make of his opponent's foot fetish when it came time for the flashbulbs, so he tells Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan that he did what he always does and played to the crowd.

Says Rampage:

"This guy, his staredowns, I ain't never seen no staredown like that before in my life. He's staring at your feet. That's not no staredown. So I turned my back, you know what I'm saying?"

Turning his back was a sign of "disrespect" to Jones, who left "Mile High City" feeling "pissed off" and "outraged" over Jackson's tomfoolery.

Bones breaks it down after the jump:

"Rampage did turn his back on me at the press conference. Kind of pissed me off. So I might do a little extra in the fight because of that. I'm outraged. I'm outraged and you guys will see that."

Is Jackson getting inside his head?

Jones was visibly nervous in the final days before his championship bout against Mauricio Rua at UFC 128 back in March; however, it didn't matter much come fight night as the lanky-but-lethal light heavyweight obliterated "Shogun" in a masterful performance that sent him home from New Jersey with 205-pounds of gold.

Rampage seems to have ruffled a few feathers, but it remains to be seen whether or not it has any kind of effect on his opponent on Sept. 24.

To see the much talked about staredown GIF from the UFC 135 press conference click here. For a complete photo gallery of their Denver face-off click here.

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