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Wanderlei Silva wants ten more fights in his career ... and he hasn't forgotten about Vitor Belfort

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Wanderlei Silva has been a busy man leading up to his UFC 132 showdown tonight (July 2) in Las Vegas, Nevada against Chris Leben.

But that doesn't mean he's forgotten about a certain "Phenom" who has endlessly called him out. To the contrary, "The Axe Murderer" tells Fight World he's got 10 fights left in him and one of them will be against Vitor Belfort.

"I will fight ten times in my career yet. I got more five years with two fights a year, this is my goal. The day in which I run away from Belfort I will retire. Out of these ten fights I want to do, one is against you, Belfort, stay cool that your turn will arrive! We will solve the things inside the Octagon. I will kill your wish."

Silva was accused of "ducking" Belfort, in a roundabout way, by asking and eventually receiving his fight against Leben.

But rest assured, the Brazilian ducks no man and if he lasts as long in the fight game as he seems to think he will, there will be plenty of time to settle up with his fellow countryman.

The two originally met way back in 1998 in younger, less organized times. 13 years later, both men are still going strong and with victories in their upcoming contests (Belfort takes on Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133 on Aug. 6), just may be on a collision course.

But will it happen sooner rather than later? Time will tell.

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