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UFC 132 fight card: Carlos Condit vs Dong Hyun Kim -- the forgotten welterweight contenders

Question: if Georges St. Pierre defeats Nick Diaz at UFC 137 will he have any meaningful competition left at 170-pounds?

If you answered yes, I have a second question for you -- what are Carlos Condit and Dong Hyun Kim, chopped liver?

The two welterweight rabble rousers will square off tonight (July 2) at UFC 132 in Las Vegas, Nevada and there's no doubt the bout has heavy implications on the division title picture.

Both men know this and have ceased the many interview opportunities they've been given in the weeks leading up to their fight to call for a title shot if they're victorious.

Hell, Condit went so far as to say that if he wins, and does so impressively, he'll grab the microphone from Joe Rogan in the post-fight interview and demand his shot at the title.

If he can manage to get past Kim, it would be difficult to deny him.

The same can be said for Kim, if not even more so.

That's because the South Korean ass-kicker hasn't lost in 16 career contests. Well, he was defeated (technically) by Karo Parisyan in 2009, although everyone in the building that night thought he won. Everyone except the judges, of course.

All's well that ends well, though, as the result was later overturned to a no contest thanks to Parisyan testing positive for banned painkillers.

As stated, Kim is an extremely efficient beast inside the cage, possessing a grappling heavy set of skills, mixed with a little judo flavor, that is difficult to match for any man that stands across from him.

Maybe even a certain French-Canadian with gold around his waist.

That's why this fight is so important, despite the general lack of hype surrounding it. The winner moves one extremely large step closer to a shot at the welterweight crown and maybe even a match-up against the seemingly indestructible GSP.

Both Condit and Kim, with a win, will no doubt be worthy.

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