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UFC Quick Quote: How Gray Maynard learned from draw with Frankie Edgar in their rematch

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"It wasn't that I got tired. I had that adrenaline dump. All your hopes and goals and everything you could ever hope for, that you trained for, is right there. It's happening, you know? And you see it. And then it doesn't. It hits you and you're drained. Afterwards, you're like, 'What happened?' You feel lazy. Your arms feel heavy. Your legs feel heavy, and that's how I felt after the first round. You learn from it. Now I know."

-- Gray Maynard (via details his thought process and what he went through after his stunning first round blowout of Frankie Edgar in their rematch back at UFC 125 on Jan. 1. That first round blowout quickly turned into a five-round war of attrition that neither man got the better of, leading to an inconclusive draw that they have still yet to settle. They'll get the chance to do so, however, when they square off for the third -- and likely final -- time at UFC 136 on Oct. 8 in Houston, Texas. And when Maynard steps inside the Octagon that night, he will do so with the added knowledge of how to go about fighting a five-round contest. That's part of what he took away from his second bout with Edgar and he, along with his team, believe they've finally found "The Answer" to finishing the New Jersey native and taking the lightweight championship belt back with them to Las Vegas. It's still early but who do you like in the trilogy match? Maynard for the win or Edgar does it again?

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